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Sterilization - Healthcare

According to current scientific knowledge, steam sterilization is the safest method of killing germs in hospitals, laboratories and doctors' practices. Many important organisations recommend steam sterilization as the preferred sterilization method.

Like no other manufacturer, MMM has acquired their competence from long-standing development and production experience thanks to in-house production, service and cooperation in many standards committees.

Our customers can be sure that autoclaves from MMM deliver best possible steam quality, ideal ventilation and perfect documentation. In terms of cost-efficiency, life-cycle, reliability and service quality, MMM steam sterilizers are a sound investment for high safety and profitability in health care. 

  • Steam sterilizer

    Selectomat PL

    Tailormade steam sterilizer with more than 4 STU for fast and reliable sterilization of instruments, utensils, linen, plastics and complicated MIS instruments as well as other medical devices in health care facilities such as hospitals, clinics and industrial sterile supply providers.  

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  • Steam Sterilizer

    Selectomat SL

    Large scale steam sterilizer with integrated steam generator for fast and economic sterilization of instruments, utensils, linen, plastics and complicated MIS instruments in hospitals and day clinics. Owing to its independent steam supply and sturdy technology, the SL sterilizers is optimized to suit the complex demands of our customers all over the world. 

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  • Steam sterilizer

    Vakulab PL

    Large scale sterilizer for the sterilization of solid, porous and liquid goods in hospital pharmacies. If required, the sterilizer can also be equipped with a fan to achieve faster cooling or to sterilize liquids and firmly closed receptacles.  

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  • Hot water cascade


    Hot water cascade sterilizer for the fast and gentle sterilization of parenteral liquids in closed bottles, vials or pouches.

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  • Steam sterilizer

    Unisteri SL

    Sterilizer with 1 STU to be installed in outpatient clinics, day clinics and doctor's surgeries. Designed for the sterilization of solid and porous goods. Owing to its integrated steam generator, only a high-voltage current supply and water connection ist required for installation.

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  • Table Tops

    Tabel Tops

    An integral line of table-top steam sterilizers for a wide range of use.

    The sterilization effect is achieved through the action of saturated water steam subject to a specified temperature, pressure and sterilization exposure time. Usually, a temperature of 121°C or 134°C is applied during the sterilization exposure time, which ranges from 4 – 60 minutes, depending on the nature of use. The actual process runs in a closed pressure chamber that is made out of stainless steel.

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  • Low-Temperatur sterilizer

    Formomat PL

    Sterilization of heat sensitive goods by means of the steam-formaldehyde-mixture method. This process does not need any authority approval. The items are sterilized at 55 - 75 °C, which is a perfect complement in CSSDs. 

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