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Sterilization - Life Science

In research laboratories and animal houses, hospital pharmacies, pharmaceutical institutes or in the production of the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, people deal with highly sensitive laboratory goods that require extremely responsible handling.

Safety, reliability, promptitude and comfort are essential criteria for the daily deployment of sterilizers and disinfectors.

The goods to be processed are manifold: solid and porous items, culture media, liquids in open, loosely closed or closed receptacles, pathogenic samples, filter, cages and food etc. They determine the method with which they are sterilized - the sterilization process determines the type of sterilizer and its equipment that is needed.

We have the suitable answer to all requirements.

  • Steam sterilizer

    Vakulab PL

    Larges sterilizer for microbiological laboratories, research facilities, animal houses as well as in the pharmaceutical industry.

    Multifunctional steam sterilizer for the sterile processing of solid, porous and liquid items.

    Numerous features on option, such as H2O2 connexion for gassing and individual programs for a perfect adjustment to customer requirements

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  • Steam sterilizer with fan

    Ventilab PL

    Large sterilizer used in the production and in research laboratories for the reliable and economic sterilization and germ reduction of solid, porous and fluid item, such as utensils, filter or food. The additional steam-air-mixture-method allows the processing of liquids in closed bottles. The fan improves temperature distribution and enhances cooling down.

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  • Hot water cascade for your bottles


    Large sterilizer used in research, development and production in the field of the pharmaceutical and biotech industry as well as in the hospital pharmacy for sterilizing fluids in closed bottles by means of the hot water cascade method.

    This is a very fast and gentle sterilization method.

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