One great advantage of the vocational training system in Germany is its closeness to the employment market. The aim is to train qualified skilled workers who bring with them the necessary competences and qualifications for a changing world of employment. The high proportion of practical training ensures that the acquired skills are actually in demand in the world of work.

For many, vocational training pay plays an important role, because the thought of being financially independent of parents - at least partially - is appealing. However, the training or the completion of the training has further advantages: it serves as a direct stepping stone into professional life.

MMM in Stadlern started the new apprenticeship year in September 2019 with eight new apprentices in the professions:
- euro office clerk
- electronics technician for industrial engineering
- cutting machine operator
- industrial clerk
- mechatronics engineer

Picture 1: MMM apprentices 2019 - site Stadlern/Germany

With regard to the training performance in the company's history, it is also important that MMM not only trains many young people in technical and commercial professions for their future careers. After graduation, they will often be taken over by MMM and contribute to the success of the company.

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In order to promote the MMM vocational training offer in the technical and commercial area as well as the dual study program, MMM was represented on 21.11.2019 with a booth at the "academicus LIVE", the regional study and career choice fair at the Benedikt-Stattler-Gymnasium in Bad Kötzting/Germany. If you want more details, go to the website

Picture 2: MMM employees at the "academicus LIVE" fair