New surgical technologies, a broader range of services and a rising number of operations had pushed the Freiberg Hospital's central sterile supply department, to the very limit of its capabilities so that 2016 the construction of a new CSSD became inevitable. They wanted to modernize the CSSD in a fundamental way and simultaneously enlarge the area considerably.
With MMM Group a partner was found in February 2016 who, as a total solution provider, was able to completely equip the sterile goods supply department (CSSD) with equipment, accessories and furniture.

A good six months after the awarding of the project, the new CSSD was officially and on schedule opened on 7th of July 2016.
The hospital invested 2.1 million euros of its own funds in the new department, which has an area of 440 m² and a processing capacity of 35,000 STU per year. There are around 2500 operations a year in orthopaedics and accident surgery alone. A large amount of instruments must be processed. 11 employees in the CSSD department will perform the tasks necessary for the competent and hygienically flawless processing of sterile goods in 2 separate shifts. They will do their part to ensure that the 5 operating theatres, one outpatient treatment room, the endoscopic urology unit and the connected medical service centre are all properly supplied.