Fast and flexible solutions


Infrastructures need to be supplemented in order to be able to master the challenges in the next few months to come. As an alternative to a temporary solution, we offer pre-assembled HDU and RUMED units that may be used for 30 or more years. Production and Installation can be done within 6-10 weeks only.


Timely and accurate laboratory testing is an essential part of the management of COVID-19 for slowing down the pandemic, supporting decisions on infection control strategies and patient management at healthcare facilities. We offer a modern, complete laboratory unit as a state-of-the-art bio safety test laboratory (BSL 2 +) that follows current recommendations and ensures the proper identification and isolation of critical patients.

Mobile Einheiten der MMM Group
Mobile Einheiten der MMM Group
12 Bed HDU
CT Scan Facility
Corona Virus Test Laboratory