State-of-the-Art Technology for the clinic Oberaargau: MMM Sterilisatoren AG / MMM Group

A new building with a vision

The hospital region Oberaargau (SRO) AG has put into operation its new building in Langenthal:
Six new operating rooms, a new large CSSD (central sterile supply department) as well as rooms for the laboratory, physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

If you look at the new operating area, including the CSSD, one thing is pretty clear: Here, the latest technologies was used. Timo Thimm, Head of Operations, explains: "In the CSSD, too, we have reached our capacity limits in the old premises. While planning the new building, for the majority of products MMM Group was selected as our trusted partner. The products are state-of-the-art and meet all our needs and requirements for more capacity and superior quality. "

Clear processes

The rooms of the new CSSD are extremely bright and generous. The arrangement of the machines and workstations has been realized in a way that the processes which the sterile prossesing has to follow is absolutely clear. "There is no way", says Zahid Ascic, CSR Director, "that operations instruments could enter the operating room without having to go through the entire cleaning and sterilization process. This is ensured by a recording system, which captures each instrument using a barcode. For each step the instrument has to be released for furthe processing.» This guarantees a high degree of safety for the patients, as at the same time all instruments coming from the operating room are immediately tested in terms of completeness.

All from one hand

Already in the early planning phase, the personnel of the CSSD was integrated into the project planning and their needs were queried and taken into account. Zahid Ascic said: "This allowed us to optimize everything to meet both the security and the needs of our employees." Also the fact that the majority of the installation of the CSSD was planned and delivered by a single manufacturer (MMM Group), made it easier to tailor each component in detail.


State-of-the-Art technology from MMM Sterilisatoren AG:


Workplaces appreciated by the employee

The large windows in the ground floor based CSSD and the generous and ergonomic, height-adjustable workstations give this area the value it deserves. Because without a functioning CSSD the operating theatres cannot work. The CSSD is the heart of the hospital.

Couldn't be better!

The eight employees of the CSSD are looking forward to their new jobs and have already completed training in order to be able to use the new devices correctly and without uncertainty from day one. For this, a sample phase was planned, in order to be able to solve any technical problems. In the first few weeks, the old operating rooms and the old CSSD will be kept in readiness in order to be able to switch seamlessly to the old premises if there are technical problems. Again a safety measure for the patients.

Great plans

The SRO master plan is defined till the year 2020 and is clearly oriented towards growth. If the operation capacity in the Langenthal hospital has increased by then, it is easy to equip the already existing empty spaces in the CSSD with new devices and thus once again significantly increase the capacity - a project with a long-term perspective.



Text: Nathalie Beck,

Source:clinium 2-14, Page 1 and 2;