"A highly infective patient arriving in Central Germany will be treated here in Leipzig at the St. Georg Clinic," says Dr. Iris Minde, Managing Director of the Klinikum St. Georg. The steam sterilizer Vakulab PL from the MMM Group now provides for more safety when disposing of the contaminated waste from these patients. Thus, the infectious-medical clinic is one of only seven treatment centres in Germany that can treat patients with highly contagious and life-threatening diseases such as Ebola.

The Saxon State Ministry of Social Affairs and Consumer Protection funded the new pass-through autoclave of the St. Georg Leipzig gGmbH clinic with 987,300 euros. The Klinikum St. Georg is thus the only hospital in Saxony that disposes of such an autoclave. With the autoclave Vakulab PL from the MMM Group, a steam sterilizer was chosen, which reliably meets even the most stringent requirements and safely disinfects and sterilizes solid, porous and liquid goods as well as infectious waste.

This important investment shows the importance of the St. Georg hospital as an infection centre beyond the borders of the country, where patients with highly contagious life-threatening infectious diseases are treated by high level medical and nursing experts," emphasizes the Saxon State Minister for Social Affairs and Consumer Protection Barbara Klepsch.

These diseases occur relatively rarely, but have a high transmission risk. That’s why the hospital needs a rather cost-intensive infrastructure for the treatment of diseases. On the basis of a state contract, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia participate in the financing of the institution. The infection centre of the St. Georg Clinic has a separate isolation ward with five beds for strict isolation and a further five beds for standard isolation.

All potentially contaminated objects, work materials, fluids, secretions and faeces that accrue during the treatment of highly infected patients must be safely decontaminated after use. The current basis for the mandatory use of a disposal autoclave is the regulation on biological material (Biostoffsverordnung, BioStofN), in conjunction with the Technical Rule for Biological Materials 250 (TRBA 250). In case of an emergency, several federal states must cooperate.

The infectious-medical clinic St. Georg is one of only seven treatment centres in Germany which are allowed to treat high-contagious and life-threatening diseases. In order to integrate the medical device, an annexe to the existing clinic for infectiology was built. "With the new pass-through autoclave, we are, in terms of infrastructure and technology, now much better prepared to treat patients with highly infectious diseases," says Dr. Iris Minde, Managing Director of the St. Georg Hospital

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Steam sterilizer Vakulab PL

The Vakulab PL and the newly constructed clinic building were officially opened on July 11, 2017 in the presence of Barbara Klepsch (Saxon Minister of State for Social Affairs and Consumer Protection) and Dr. Iris Minde (Managing Director of Klinikum St. Georg). Sven Krage (MMM Group) told the attendees about the operation of the Vakulab PL.