Cooperation Meiko is Australien partner for MMM Group

MMM Group, one of the global leading suppliers of CSSD solutions is proud to announce that our world-class Cleaning/Disinfection and Sterilization products and solutions are now available across Australia.

With a market leading position in Germany, together with our strength across Europe and around the world, Australia has been the missing continent in our global presence. We are excited to announce our partnership with MEIKO Australia Pacific which will be a huge step forward towards closing this gap. In MEIKO, a German based company and global leader in its field, we found a partner with fundamental know-how as a manufacturer and supplier of professional washing, cleaning and disinfection solutions.

Both MEIKO and MMM Group share the same strong after-sales-service and customer support commitment and capability; essential to building long lasting client relationships.

With our product portfolio "Made in Germany" both companies deliver outstanding product quality utilising sophisticated technology.

We are proud to have taken another important step towards being the leading global solution providers for CSSDs. For Australia, MEIKO will expand their existing product portfolio for gastronomy, hospitals and care homes with innovative MMM Group technology for the Healthcare sector.

MMM Group products are available from now on "down under" and we are excited to get to know you in person. A great opportunity might be to meet us at the World Sterilization Congress (WFHSS) in Brisbane in October 2016.