After a further installation of our rental module building in Saalfeld, which was originally located at the Regensburg University Hospital, Mr. Jürgen Weiß, MMM Sales Director for Germany, handed over a donation cheque to the Chief Physician of the Children's Clinic Dr. Robert Kästner of the Thüringen Kliniken Georgius Agricola GmbH in Germany. On the part of the Management, Mrs. Manuela Faber and Head Physician Dr. med. Thomas Krönert were present at the handover on 17 July and expressed their thanks. On the one hand, for the donation of 1,000 euro for the benefit of the children's clinic and on the other hand, for the smooth execution of the construction measures.

AEMP Mietmodul (MIMO)

Picture © Thüringen-Kliniken 2020

The CSSD department of the hospital could be rebuilt in a very time-optimized way by the 5-month outsourcing into a module building. Mr. Michael Grosch, the Technical Director of the hospital, supported this solution right from the start.

The renovation measures could be carried out during normal operation, while the CSSD staff was able to continue working undisturbed in the MIMO, which was set up in the yard. On the occasion of the donation award, Mr. Grosch congratulated the employees of MMM. The jointly planned project was implemented smoothly and on schedule.

You can read more about the project Thüringen-Kliniken invest millions in CSSD in the press release of the Thüringen-Kliniken from 15.05.2020 here.