Based on the common principle "MMM. Protecting human health.", Total Technologies Private Ltd, our partner and representative in Pakistan, organized an interesting one-week training trip in mid-February on the subject of "Processing of medical devices in the CSSD" in Pakistan.

Andreas Schneider, Marketing Director, was on site as representative of the MMM Group. "It was a great honour for me to represent our company during this trip."

Pakistan, officially known as the "Islamic Republic", was founded in 1947 from the "majority Muslim parts of British India" in contrast to the more Hindu oriented Kashmir and India. The country borders Iran to the southwest, Afghanistan to the west, China to the north and India to the east. The south lies on the coast of the Arabian Sea at the transition to the Gulf of Oman.

Even today, the history of the country is marked by strong political, social and religious conflicts. The everyday life of the population takes place to a large extent in very simple, strongly traditional conditions; education is a rare privilege. And yet there are unmistakable signs in Pakistan, too, of the ever-increasing development of an achievement-oriented middle class with high economic and civilising growth potential.

One of the indicators for this is the slow but steady improvement in medical care. Of course, sterile processing is one of the central issues here.

Perfectly prepared by the colleagues of Total Technologies Private Ltd., three one-day trainings took place at different locations - in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore - as part of our information week in Pakistan, which were very well attended by around 350 interested participants each day.

"The response was highly exciting," said Andreas Schneider, who presented the following topics in his lectures:

  • Administrative requirements for the reprocessing of medical devices
  • Manual preparation of medical devices
  • Automatic reprocessing of medical devices
  • Sterilization methods for medical devices
  • Methods for monitoring cleaning devices and sterilization processes
  • Documentation systems - tracking & tracing"

 "From the questions that arose and the discussions that ensued, it was clear to see how important the topic of instrument reprocessing is in Pakistan today - and which standards would have to be established as soon as possible in the future. The current need for training is enormous - and a transfer of knowledge in the sense of 'Best Practice in the CSSD' is urgently required.

"To sum up, I would say that this market - with no less than 216 million inhabitants and 1,250 hospitals - holds enormous potential for our company, in all matters. 

"A big thank you should definitely go to our partner Total Technologies Ltd. at this point - for the great organisation of this in every respect very interesting and successful training week!“

First picture left: Team of Total Technologies Private Ltd. in Lahore

2nd picture right: Award presentation to Prof. Dr. Zarnaz Wahid, Pro-Vice Chancellor of Dow University of Health Sciences in Karachi by Andreas Schneider (left) of MMM Group and Ali Shoukat (right) of Total Technologies Private Ltd.