From 6 to 13 November 2017, the German Society for sterile supply (DGSV) held the specialized training in the reprocessing and sterilization of surgical instruments at the UC (Centro de Extensión) in Chile. This was led by MMM Group and KLS Martin, both suppliers of P & E and Tecnigen.

The aim of the course is the training and continuous updating of all involved processes in the preparation and sterilization of surgical instruments. The basis for this is provided by a quality management system with international standards, which sustains safe and high-quality patient care during a hospital stay and minimizes infection risks.

P & E and Tecnigen decided to sponsor the course, not only to promote the relationship with partner companies in the domain of sterile processing (MMM Group and KLS Martin), but also to contribute to education: "We believe that education is an integral part of our culture; it's about understanding the added value of our products and offering our customers a holistic solution, " explains Andrea Marchant, Tecnigen Product Manager Medical Unit. Matías Pilasi, Director of P & E, adds: "We want to transfer knowledge and good practices in this area. We knew about the success of the course in Germany, but we are very pleased about the good response and that the training was so well accepted by the attendees. Hopefully, in the near future, we will be able to continue the three advanced courses that are already being taught in Germany to increase the quality of sterilization and patient safety also in Chile."