Dishwasher open, cutlery in, dishwasher closed. It can be that simple at home. The situation is completely different in hospitals, because several manual and mechanical reprocessing steps have to be carried out to ensure that the surgical instruments are sterile again after use. Hospitals have their own areas for this and since the demands on the activity continue to grow, there is now its own three-year training as a specialist for medical product preparation.

MMM now offers this training in cooperation with the OTA School (Operations Technical Assistance) in Hamburg. It concludes with a final examination as FMA (Specialist for Medical Device Preparation). During the training, the following module examinations, such as Specialist I and II, Specialist Endoscopy and the Validation Course DGSV are taken.

The theoretical part takes place at the OTA school in Hamburg together with the MMM. The practical part takes place in the respective clinics where the trainees are employed. If clinics do not cover all categories of medical devices or areas of observation, the practical part takes place at different training companies.

The training branch has been in existence since 2016 as a pilot project. Gradually, cooperation is being established between OTA or nursing schools and a DGSV-approved educational institution to jointly carry out the training. There are now 6 training places in Germany, and the trend is increasing.

Further information on training for the "FMA-DGSV®" and the opportunity to apply can be found at