A major advantage of an apprenticeship is not only the salary and the associated financial independence from parents, but also the practical experience and direct access to the world of work. What specifically moved me to take this step? How did I become aware of the opportunity? Which vocational training is the right one for me? What possibilities and chances are offered? Here our apprentices report from different perspectives about their first impression at work and the experiences they gained during their job training at MMM Group.

First-hand experience:

The mission "Protecting human health." touches me.

Interview with Marc A., prospective industrial clerk in the 1st course.

How is it actually like being an apprentice at MMM Group, Marc?

Very cool, all my colleagues and supervisors are very nice and always help me when I don’t know what to do. Besides, I'm on a first-name basis with many colleagues and have already been able to get to know 4 departments of the company.

How was the application process, can you tell us a little bit about the process?

Well, I found the MMM job advertisement on the internet and applied for it. 2 weeks later I was invited for an interview in Planegg. In the interview I learned more about the apprenticeship and the company. Afterwards I was asked a few questions like: where do I see myself in 5 years? Or: which departments interest me most? I think after not even 2 weeks I was invited for a second interview. This time also Mr. Benedikt Koller, Managing Director of MMM, was present. There I was able to learn even more about the company. One week later I received the acceptance for the apprenticeship.

Why did you decide to train as an industrial clerk at MMM Group? What moves you at MMM Group?

First of all, it was very important to me to start or finish an apprenticeship at all, because without it you can't get ahead in life. In addition, I didn't want to do just any apprenticeship, but one with good chances on the job market, so I decided to become an industrial clerk. I chose MMM because the family business fascinated me. They started small and are now a successful medium-sized company. I was also moved by MMM's vision - Protecting human health. - which is really lived in the company.


Do you have a focus on the job training? In which departments have you been to date, what are you learning there?

There is not really a focus on my training, this is also the advantage of the training, so I can get to know many departments. Until now I was in the IT department. There I learned something about the server, SAP and other programs that keep the business running. Then I was in the export sales department, I created offers and orders and communicated with customers. During this time, I was also responsible for collecting certifications from the local court, I really enjoyed these tasks. At the moment I'm in marketing and I'm learning a lot about the brand itself and what MMM stands for and what exactly it manufactures and sells. For example, how important a "slogan" is or why a company attends trade fairs and events. I have already taken part in training courses and learned more about the products and services. At the moment we are working from home because of Corona, but that is no problem at all, we communicate virtually.

What does a typical "working day" look like today as a prospective industrial clerk at MMM Group? What does the flexitime model mean in everyday working life?

My working day usually starts around 8.30 am. I arrive in the morning and clock in and then often take the elevator to the respective department. There I greet all my colleagues and then I log on to my laptop. First I check my e-mails to be up to date. Then I look at my notes to see what tasks I still have to do or what I can do. Often I get additional tasks from my respective department head during the day. And so the day runs until I go home, usually around 5.00 pm. Flexitime model means that there is a core working time where you have to be present. Everything before or after that I can decide freely, i.e. if I work more and build up overtime, I can leave work earlier on Friday, for example.

The training shall include theory and practice. What are the advantages of changing between vocational school and company for you?

By changing between vocational school and company, I can immediately experience what everyday working life is like and how people work in the different departments. In addition, I learn more about the theory and see immediately how the practice works, they are often different. At school, for example, I get to know other trainees from other companies and can exchange ideas directly with them and find out what the training there is like. I think that's good, because you get a lot of impressions.

What is the difference between vocational school and the usual school?

I would say that the main difference is the independent work. And the demand is higher than before. Also the focus on a very good class community plays a bigger role here. It was made clear to us from the beginning that we have chosen a very demanding education and that we have to make an effort. On the whole, however, the two school types are not so different and each type has its strengths and weaknesses.


What expectations did you have before you started your vocational training? Do they coincide with your current apprenticeship? What do you want to achieve with the degree?

My hope was that I would learn a lot and not only have to do "intern tasks" like watering flowers, making filing or taking out the garbage. And my expectations were far exceeded. I have learned so much in the 9 months I have been here. I have been allowed to participate in external events, I have been to staff meetings, Christmas parties and often there has been a joint lunch or sometimes a farewell party where I was present. My goal is to become self-employed at some point, but before that it is important for me to gain professional experience, because that is the only way to develop myself further.

Which department did you like most so far?

As things stand today, I think the export sales department was the best. Apart from the complete team, which is very nice, I have learned a lot there: tasks that are important for sales and for my future life.

Thanks for the interesting interview, Marc.