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For an optimized workflow and best possible workplace ergonomics RUMED supplementary products for MMM system solutions

As a complete solutions provider for RUMEDs, we are committed to including in our portfolio of products not only our core products– washer-disinfectors and steam sterilizers – but also useful supplementary products in our overall offering. To meet the demands of the everyday processes in a RUMED, it is necessary to have solutions that are optimally tailored to one another and which excel in their functionality, quality, and ergonomics. MMM has carefully selected these products to ensure they contribute to workflow optimization and enjoyment in the workplace – in all areas of a RUMED.

Ergonomics and enjoyment in the workplace

Complex surgical instruments often need to be manually pre-cleaned before cleaning in a washer-disinfector. MMM offers a number of scalable cleaning table system solutions that are customizable and have been designed for all kinds of installation situations. Solutions from simple standard cleaning tables right through to fully equipped table systems with closed table supports make this possible. The modularity and high-quality finish of the surfaces, cabinets and drawers combined with a high level of ergonomics ensure they are a pleasure to work with.

Unclean area

  • Cleaning table systems
  • Ultrasonic cleaning – table top units & accessories
  • Ultrasonic cleaning – built-in units & accessories
  • Dosing technology for cleaning table systems
  • Steam jet cleaning station
  • Storage and organization
  • Manual trolley cleaning

Clean area Packing area

  • Packing tables and workbenches with accessories
  • Storage and organization
  • Shelf and service trolleys
  • Heat-sealing devices and accessories
  • Cabinet systems

Sterile area

  • Enclosed transport trolleys
  • Storage shelves

Neutral area

  • Air compressor
  • Central dosing systems for cleaning agents
  • Water conditioning systems
  • Washer-disinfectors for OR shoes
  • Washer-disinfectors for bedpans


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