Ultrasound cleaning system

Modular Ultrasound cleaning system for the thorough and gentle cleaning of highly sensitive surgical and microsurgical instruments with a special focus on complex daVinci robotic instruments from Intuitive Surgical.
Even dried encrustations are removed.

This product is only available in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Technical data:
  • Tank dimensions 770 x 420 x 165/190 mm (L x W x D), Inside
  • Filling volume for cleaning: 42 l
  • 24 PTZ broad beam transducer (Ultrasound frequency 35 kHz)
  • 3040 W Ultrasonic peak output
  • Tank and substructure made from CrNi steel, material 1.4301
  • Complex instruments with parts that are difficult to access, such as joints, drilled holes and cable pulls, are cleaned with care and without mechanical damage
  • Optimal arrangement of the instruments over the ultrasound generators for an even better ultrasonic effect
  • Flushing and inspection of the individual channel for each connected instrument
  • Self-explanatory operating unit (CPU) with touchscreen
  • Ergonomic and convenient swivel-arm operation
  • Available as a left-handed or right-handed version
  • 3 applications - 1 device: Standard instruments, MIS instruments, Robotic instruments Xi and Si
  • Data transfer to the MMM WD Uniclean® PL II and documentation in the batch record
  • Improved cleaning thanks to a combination of ultrasound, flushing and movement for robotic instruments
  • Designed for robotic instruments
  • Safety ensured by individual flushing and inspection of instruments
  • Instruments easy to connect
  • Temperature monitoring with alarm function
  • da Vinci
  • Hollow items
  • Instruments
  • MIS

At a glance

Application: Hospital
Type: Ultrasound
Process: Ultrasonic
Material to be treated: Solid & porous goods

Loading height

  • 900 mm