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Inspection & maintenance

Take care...

Prevention saves money. Thorough care means long conservation.

Inspection and maintenance agreements of MMM make sure, that your equipment runs perfectly throughout its whole service life.

Our maintenance packages include the adjustment of your equipment to changed situations, the consulting concerning upgrade modules, optimization of consumables and the continuous adjustment of your machine to your individual demands and legal requirements. 

  • Taking care...

    Together with you, we develop a long-term maintenance plan which allows you to save money. This plan secures the performance quality of your machines, meets the requirements of quality assurance and allows reliable cost calculation in the medium and long term.

    Here are our services:

    • Maintenance planning including training of your personnel
    • Maintenance planning made by the manufacturer
    • Telediagnostics
    • Hotline in case of error messages
    • Reliability and failure safeguarding
    • TÜV tests of pressure vessel and steam generator
    • Safety checks (GAS)
    • VBG 4


  • Time is running ...

    Time is relative.

    However, if things do not work properly in a CSSD, time is short. Absolutely short.

    Repair means more than just "fixing" but fast repair. Our team of service engineers is located close to our customers and can be reached around the clock.

    We make sure, that your process run to your satisfaction and that you need not to worry about it. 

  • Our spare parts philosophy:

    As long as MMM machines are installed and running, we will keep original spare parts and particularly tested spare components on stock.

    Continuous reseach and development help to achieve constant innovations and improvements in the field of spare parts. We assure you of our high demand of quality in spare parts philosophy.

    More than 20.000 single items make sure that you will be able to use our products to your full satisfaction over many years.

    Positive customer feedback is the best stimulus for us.
    In 2011, more than 96% of our spare parts deliveries reached our customers within 24 hours.