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Business areas

Our customers are as complex and versatile as is our range of services.

Perfectly matching the requirements of the market, our service portfolio has been classified in business areas. Our expert groups provide the ideal solution for your individual demands.

  • The challenge: Salutogenesis

    The requirements of the health care system, the necessities of the patients, the interests of the staff and also the economical, logistical and organisational conditions to manage a hospital are highly complex. Our respect goes to those working in hospitals and taking responsibility.

    But because the tasks are so complex, our customers need a partner, who is reliable, competent and committed to find the perfect solution under the given conditions on site. We are not merely a machine manufacturer but an all-over service and solution provider having our own economic and medical share in making and keeping people well.

    MMM offers a broad portfolio of competencies for hospital applications comprising consulting and services, products and after-sales service, not to mention our market leading sterilizers, our extensive offer of process validation or project management jobs in the field of building projects.

  • Making the future safe

    Research and development have a high standard of safety in German research institutes and laboratories. Working with highly sensitive laboratory items requires working conditions that are safe both for the people and the goods and that secure the research results at the same time.

    MMM sterilizers are used in many research institues of the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, animal houses, test laboratories, gene technology or food treatment. Our customers know that we supply individual, tailormade solutions for their specific application, be it for the treatment of food or the application in laboratories with pathogenic or cancerogenic microorganisms.

    The science business area of MMM offers a broad diversified range of products and services that is individually adapted to the demands of our customers to perfectly fit their requirements.

  • Research and Production

    The pharmaceutical industry is the motor of the progress made in our combat against diseases and is responsible for the increasingly high level of healthcare in our society.  The achievement of such high goals make very special requirements on a sterilization system necessary: In research and production of pharmaceutical goods, sterilizers must correspond to the directives of FDA, GMP and GAMP etc.

    MMM offers the necessary equipment to cover the whole range of sterilization demand of the pharmaceutical industry, particularly for fast and gentle processing of fluids in closed bottles. Take advantage of the longstanding know-how of MMM to get the correct planning and installation of sterilizers  and whatever is needed.

  • Basic health care

    Thousands of doctor's practices daily care for sterile treatment and work environment. Medical life is not restricted to competent consulting and therapy but is also concerned with the securing of conditions that protect patients and people working in doctor's practices.

    Although MMM's core competence is health care in hospitals, we also provide sterile processing products for the ambulant field of medical care. We want to make your daily life in doctor's practices to be ergonomic, economic and hygienically perfect.

    MMM offers table top autoclaves, washer-disinfectors and sterilizers to ensure safety and hygienic conditions for patients and users in doctor's practices and other small innovative medical facilities.