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Quality management

Integrated Management System

  • Managed Quality

    MMM is a certified company according to ISO 9001 ff since 1994. We fulfill the requirements not only theoretically but have integrated quality control in our daily life by intensive observation and optimization of our processes, an efficient error management and product and performance control, reaching far beyond the legal requirements.

    Not only our own system quality benefits from our experience. What is more: we are significantly involved in the preparation of national and international norms and directives. We have extended our QM expertise to an increasingly important service offer for our customers: we offer consulting for the introduction and extension of a CSSD quality management system.

    Quality management also means validation and testing. Sterile goods processing today requires the proof of successful instrument sterilization. To be able to deliver this proof, processes must be validated. No other supplier in Germany has carried out as many first and revalidations of CSSD processing processes as MMM.

  • Our philosophy

    Quality management is a another saying of improvement of results. It is to the benefit of our customers and their patients. "Improvement" means that you identify your weaknesses, analyse processes and realize changes. The systematic scheme behind it is a tool with which you generate results from your conclusions - for us it is quality management.

    QM is an order and systematic security. The certification of various processes by accredited institutions, the examination through internal and external audits and recertifications document the successful implementation of our quality management for years.

    Beyond seals and organizational charts, formalities and audits, quality management at MMM is a paradigm: we are always aware that our company is constantly changing and it is up to us, whether changes dominate us or if we manage to use changes for the benefit of us and our customers.

  • Certified Environment Management according ISO 14001

    MMM has always pursued the idea of generating sustainable additional benefit for our customers and to assume responsibility for the environment at the same time.

    Products made and distributed by MMM are one of the most innovative and efficient machines for sterile processing worldwide. They set standards in terms of consumption of resources and longevity.

    The Environment Management System of MMM meets the requirements of the standard ISO 14001. Early 2015, MMM has been successfully assessed and certified by TÜV Süd Management Service GmbH - an internationally respected certification body.

    QM - Environment Management Certificates ISO 14001:2004

    MMM owes this success all staff members.  With their daily work, their environmentally conscious behaviour and the continuous improvement of processes, they care for providing excellent products and services to our customers. Both our customers and the next generation will appreciate this effort.

    MMM. Protecting human health ... and the environment.

  • Energy Management Certification according to ISO 50001

    Energy-conscious actions not only protect our environment, they are also an important contribution to a continued successful development of a company.

    MMM is aware of this responsibility and strives to ensure a responsible handling with energy and resources. With ecological, econonimical and social aspects in mind, we continuously improve our energy management system to minimize negative impacts on the environment, to conserve energy and resources and to protect the diversity of nature. Above, MMM products and services also have their share in MMM's sustained improvement of the energy balance. An energy-friendly design plays an important role during the development of our products and services.

    Early 2016, TÜV Süd Management Servcie GmbH - one of the most renowned certification bodies on the international floor - have evaluated and certified the energy management system of MMM according to DIN EN ISI 50001.

    MMM. Protectin human health .... and the environment!