Steripack 85
Steripack 85

For greater reliability and efficiency in sterile goods reprocessing SteriPack® 85

To protect medical devices from recontamination after reprocessing, they are packed prior to sterilization in transparent pouches that are designed to maintain sterility until they are used on a patient. A vital role in this procedure is the reliable sealing of the sterile barrier system, which must be done by a reproducible and validated process according to DIN EN ISO 11607-2. The MMM SteriPack® heat sealer can be integrated seamlessly into the sterile materials reprocessing procedure of any RUMED and provides the operator with the required certainty regarding the sterility of the reprocessed materials. All models in the SteriPack® series comply with the DIN EN ISO 11607-2 standard, which requires the control, monitoring and documentation of critical process variables and parameters. MMM can, of course, also perform validations of the sealing processes as well as maintain the devices.

A clearly arranged input computer and an intuitive menu navigation ensure easy operation and fast data entry. In case of deviations from the individually configurable limit values, the integrated monitoring system outputs a warning and initiates a stop of the procedure. For electronic data archiving, the heat sealer can be directly connected to a batch documentation system, e.g., EcoSoft.


Technical data

Dimensions (W x H x D)
Seal distance from edge
Seal joint width
Input device
Throughput speed
Contact pressure (measured sealing pressure)

710 x 260 x 240 mm

21 kg

0 - 35 mm

12 mm

2-line LCD


10 m/min

100 N

Technical data subject to change without notice


User-friendly, safe, reliable

The SteriPack® 85 is equipped with a clearly laid out keyboard display with a two-line LCD display. This central control panel provides access to all device functions and settings in a user-friendly manner. The sealing parameters such as sealing temperature and contact pressure are monitoring during the sealing process. If any of the variables are incorrect, an acoustic alarm is issued and the sealing process stops. The SteriPack® 85 has a PC interface for connection to a process and batch documentation system (RS 232). The continuous sealing device therefore guarantees efficient and reproducible packaging in applications with a high turnover of instruments.

  • Roll conveyor 500
  • Barcode scanner 2000
  • Barcode printer 2000
  • Cutter hm 631 S
  • Film roll dispenser hm 632 R
  • Instruments and other devices


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