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MMM SteamSpy: The integrated and electronic alternative for Bowie-Dick test and batch control


Save time and money! The MMM SteamSpy is the traditional Bowie-Dick test and batch control in one.

For decades, the Bowie-Dick test was carried out by means of a towel pack or a variety of paper sheets and chemical indicators that provided evidence of sufficient air removal and good steam penetration within porous loads. This proof is still required today to ensure there are no air pockets or pockets of non-condensable gases left within the porous or hollow load. Air pockets or pockets of non-condensable gases can be one of the reasons why sterilization temperatures are not achieved.

Regular supervision of air removal and steam penetration during each sterilization cycle by means of chemical indicators is standard practice in CSSDs for both small and large steam sterilizers. However, the costs involved for consumables are a noticeable factor when you consider the running costs per sterile unit.

Such control mechanisms always require manual handling and thus precious labour time, putting additional stress on the personnel for starting the program, inserting and removing indicators as well as evaluating and archiving the results. In times of a rising cost pressure and the demand for ever increasing efficiency this is valuable labour time that is lost.

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MMM Group helps Hospital Freiberg to become "the most modern CSSD in Saxony"


"It is a modern, if not the most modern, sterilization department in Saxony," says Peik Mutzke, Chief  Physician of Orthopedics / Trauma Surgery, about the project of the MMM Group in Hospital Freiberg. In the new CSSD the latest standard of science was implemented through the MMM equipment.

New surgical technologies, a broader range of services and a rising number of operations had pushed the Freiberg Hospital's central sterile supply department, to the very limit of its capabilities so that 2016 the construction of a new CSSD became inevitable. They wanted to modernize the CSSD in a fundamental way and simultaneously enlarge the area considerably.

With MMM Group a partner was found in February 2016 who, as a total solution provider, was able to completely equip the sterile goods supply department (CSSD) with equipment, accessories and furniture.

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New strategic partnership for Australia


MMM Group, one of the global leading suppliers of CSSD solutions is proud to announce that our world-class Cleaning/Disinfection and Sterilization products and solutions are now available across Australia.

With a market leading position in Germany, together with our strength across Europe and around the world, Australia has been the missing continent in our global presence. We are excited to announce our partnership with MEIKO Australia Pacific which will be a huge step forward towards closing this gap. In MEIKO, a German based company and global leader in its field, we found a partner with fundamental know-how as a manufacturer and supplier of professional washing, cleaning and disinfection solutions.

Both MEIKO and MMM Group share the same strong after-sales-service and customer support commitment and capability; essential to building long lasting client relationships.

With our product portfolio "Made in Germany" both companies deliver outstanding product quality utilising sophisticated technology.

We are proud to have taken another important step towards being the leading global solution providers for CSSDs.

   Partnership Announcement

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TOP 100 Innovator 2016


For the second time after 2014 MMM has been awarded for its innovation potential with the TOP 100 Innovator award.

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Press release:

MMM Münchener Medizin Mechanik among the TOP 100

Company from the Upper Palatinate again among Germany's innovation elite / Awarded by TOP 100-mentor Ranga Yogeshwar

Stadlern – For the 23rd time, the TOP 100 companies have been awarded for being the most innovative companies of the German Mittelstand. MMM Münchener Medizin Mechanik GmbH is one of this innovation elite for the second time after 2014. The company, based in Stadlern, Upper Palatinate, took part in a sophisticated, scientific selection process. Both the innovation management and innovation success were examined. On the occasion of the German SME Summit in Essen on 24 June, mentor of the innovation competition, Ranga Yogeshwar, honors the top innovator.

Good working conditions encourage the internal innovation atmosphere - and vice versa, innovative companies are perceived as an interesting employer by outsiders. The experiences of MMM - Münchener Medizin Mechanik GmbH show: "We are the leader in our field. Application engineers from other areas come to us, where they can contribute and realize their creative ideas", says the managing director Robert Eibl.

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