MMM Group

MMM has been operating worldwide as one of the leading system providers in the service of health since 1954.

With a full portfolio of products and services pertaining to sterilization and disinfection systems for hospitals, scientific institutes, laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry, MMM has positioned itself as a crucial quality driver and innovator on the German and international markets.

A total of 1200 employees apply their expertise and dedication to the mission of the MMM.

At our production plants in Stadlern (Bavaria) and Brno (Czech Republic), we manufacture products tailored to the needs of our customers around the globe. With both of these production sites, we ensure a high manufacturing depth and thus meet the extensive quality requirements of the medical technology industry.

Complete solutions for greater effectiveness.

Our regional sales and service centres are proud to offer an ethos of customer focus and dedicated project management. Our customers can rely on us to find the very best solutions tailored to their individual needs both reliably and quickly. Whether it involves installing new devices or bringing existing devices in line with current guidelines by installing MMM upgrades – we have the perfect solution for everyone.

MMM is more than just a manufacturer – it implements complete, end-to-end solutions.

Our services cover detailed planning and consultation, products and their software, installation, logistics and service, which includes the validation of all processes in the CSSD and right through to the end-to-end project management of extensive construction works.

Specialised in your requirements: the MMM Group companies

The MMM Group is the umbrella organisation for the different MMM service providers. The specialised companies within the MMM Group focus entirely on their core area of expertise, thus allowing them to deliver a superior level of service. This means that our customers never need to deal with a number of different contacts. Instead, all the relevant companies are coordinated in MMM Project Management by ONE member of staff.

MMM Group

The complete provider of individual, tailored solutions in sterilization and disinfection for hospitals, laboratories, industrial service providers and the industry – with operations across the globe.

From our headquarters in Munich, Germany, MMM GmbH coordinates and supports the operations of the Group on a broader, international level. In the Bavarian municipality of Stadlern, MMM manufactures a great deal of their medical products, which are based on in-house developments and numerous patents.

MMM Group website:

The tried-and-tested products from the field of sterilization and heat technology produced by Czech market leader BMT are the perfect addition to the MMM Group's portfolio of products and services.

A company steeped in tradition, BMT operates within a high-growth environment and, thanks to its historic connections to the Eastern European markets, achieves extraordinary results and places its focus on functionality and cost-effectiveness with its decidedly strong commitment to development, implementation and servicing of medical systems.

BMT website:

MMM Medcenter delivers innovative heat technology products for drying, incubating and hot-air sterilization for applications in research, development, production and quality assurance.

As a member of the MMM Group, Medcenter specialises in the distribution and servicing of this high-quality and state-of-the-art product line, which is based on expertise gained over many years of experience and which is ready to meet the needs and requirements of a constantly shifting market.

Medcenter website:

The company MMM Healthcare International GmbH (HCI) was established in 2014 to handle the international turnkey projects of the MMM Group. Besides modular solutions, HCI offers complete infrastructure solutions (community social hubs) with integrated health centers especially for developing and emerging countries. It also supports the centers through training, facility management strategies, and the provision of experts when required (physicians, nurses, engineers, etc.).

HCI website:

Mission statement

Our quality sets us apart.
The high vertical range of manufacturing in our production plants ensures that we fulfil the strictest demands of quality for our customers. Our products "made in Germany" have garnered international recognition and meet the strict requirements of the medical technology sector.

Reliability is our commitment.
You can rely on the durability of our products, their outstanding level of quality as well as our effective customer service. The high level of satisfaction amongst our customers and the extraordinary dedication of our staff speak for themselves.

We maintain strong partnerships.
At the intersection between people and machines, and between business growth and social responsibility, we attempt to strike a balance between the interests of everyone involved and maintain cooperative relationships on a level playing field.

We are committed to your needs.
With expert servicing, innovative products and services and in our lively discussions with our customers, suppliers and employees we will do everything necessary to ensure that MMM continues to live up to its reputation as an outstanding provider of goods and expertise in the sterile goods sector.

Leitbild MMM

Our services

Our customers are as wide-ranging and multi-faceted as our services themselves. In accordance with the requirements of the market, we have grouped our service portfolio into business areas in which we respond to our customers' needs in a targeted and systematic manner.


Life Science


Customer Service

Quality management

MMM has been certified to ISO 9001 since 1994. Not only do we fulfil the criteria on paper, we live and breathe quality through intensive monitoring and optimisation of our processes and workflows, through efficient fault management and by means of a product and performance inspection which goes above and beyond the basic statutory requirements.

Moreover, our experience is put to use on more than just our own system quality. We contribute a great deal of work in developing national and international standards and guidelines. We have developed our QM expertise into a service offering of growing importance for our customers: For example, we offer advice on the introduction and development of quality management systems and validate your processes in the CSSD. No other provider in Germany conducts as many initial validations and revalidations in the CSSD than MMM.

Quality Management at MMM Group

MMM has always pursued the objective of providing a sustainable source of value to our customers, while also bearing responsibility for the environment at the same time.
For instance, MMM products are amongst the most innovative and efficient systems in the world for the preparation of sterile goods and are setting the standard in terms of the consumption of resources and longevity.

Since early 2015, MMM's environmental management system has been assessed and certified to the ISO 14001 standard by TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH – one of the world's most renowned certification bodies.

This is a success for all of our employees who work every day to ensure we offer outstanding products and services through environmentally conscious action and constant improvement of our workflows. Our customers – and our children – will thank us for it!

MMM. Protecting human health. ... and ensuring long-term protection of the environment too!

Energy-conscious decision-making is not just a way of helping to protect our environment – it is also an important contribution to the sustainable, successful development of our business.

MMM is aware of this responsibility and has therefore made a commitment to ensuring a responsible long-term approach to energy and resource management. Energy management at MMM is undergoing constant improvement and development in order to minimise negative environmental impacts, conserve energy and resources and protect the natural foundations of life in an ecologically, economically and socially responsible manner. The products and services from MMM also contribute a great deal to the constant improvement of the energy balance. In the development of our products and services, having an energy-friendly design is of the utmost importance.

In early 2016, MMM's energy management system was assessed and certified to the ISO 50001 standard by TÜV Süd Management Service GmbH – one of the world's most renowned certification bodies.

MMM. Protecting human health. ... and ensuring long-term protection of the environment too!

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The history of MMM

Tradition and innovation

Since the company was founded in 1954, we have grown from a small, regionally oriented craft enterprise into a European group and a leading system supplier in the field of healthcare.

The complete story...