Reinigung- und Desinfektion
Reinigung- und Desinfektion

Cleaning and disinfection

Uniclean PL II 10

Uniclean® PL II 10 Washer-disinfector for 12 DIN trays

The Uniclean® PL II 10 offers maximum performance in the smallest possible space thanks to its compact dimensions. Available as a 1-door and 2-door variant, the machine is quiet and comes with a large display for intuitive and easy operation. The Uniclean® PL II 10 has been developed for the ...

Uniclean PL II 15

Uniclean® PL II 15 Washer-disinfector for 18 DIN trays

The Uniclean® PL II 15 is the highest performance washer-disinfector from MMM and has been developed for the thorough reprocessing of large quantities of medical devices. The innovative single-chamber machine can accommodate 18 DIN trays and has a compact design with a width of only 1,000 mm. ...

Uniclean PL II 30

Uniclean® PL II 30 Washer-disinfector for 36 DIN trays

The Uniclean® PL II 30 single-chamber machine has been specially designed for areas in which it is not possible to house a large-chamber WD for reprocessing sterile goods containers. The 2 in 1 tandem chamber can reprocess up to 8x 1 StU sterile containers and up to 12x ½ StU sterile containers ...

Uniclean ML

Uniclean® ML The versatile solution for large items

Large-chamber washer-disinfector for reprocessing non-critical and semi-critical medical devices and for high-volume items such as transport trolleys, instrument containers, OR shoes, plastic containers, receptacles and kidney bowls.

UPL C-Shuttle

UPL C-Shuttle® automation system Fully automatic loading and unloading for concept 15.30 washer-disinfectors

The UPL C-Shuttle® – automatic loading and unloading system – can be used both with Uniclean® PL II 15 and also Uniclean® PL II 30 machines. It combines sophisticated functions with user-friendly ergonomics for an optimized workflow.

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