Low temperature sterilization

Hyper LTS 150

Hyper LTS® 150 H2O2-based low temperature plasma sterilizer

Specially designed to sterilize sensitive or heat sensitive medical devices, the high quality Hyper LTS® 150 offers unique technologies at a high safety level and meets the highest requirements. With intuitive control and a user-friendly interface, the Hyper LTS® 150 is easy to use and operate.

Formomat PL

Formomat® PL Low temperature steam and formaldehyde sterilizer

Particularly heat sensitive items and instruments with complex, narrow lumen geometries require a careful and safe reprocessing that ensures a high material compatibility and effectiveness. The Formomat® PL with the LTSF (low temperature steam and formaldehyde) process according to DIN EN 14180 ...

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