Modulare Lösungen
Modulare Lösungen

The modular solutions from MMM

Turn-key modular RUMED units for lease or purchase

Whether as temporary elements during renovation works or as permanent units, for example to supplement existing facilities, the modular solutions from MMM are assembled to your specific requirements. All the necessary production steps are performed under logistically refined industrial conditions. The “visible” construction is reduced to a single transportation to the construction site where the modules are quickly linked to form a complete building.

Ready-to-use solution within 100 days


Project planning

Herstellung der Stahlrahmenkonstruktion

Manufacture of steel frame structure

Einbau der technischen Anlagen

Installation of technical facilities & furnishings in the factory

Transport zum Standort

Transportation to the site

Vorbereitung des Fundaments

Preparation of the foundation

Installation der Module

Installation of the modules

Installation der Module

Installation of the modules

Finale technische Installation

Final technical installation

Preparing the equipment

Fitout with furnishings


Fitout with furnishings

Manuelle Vorreinigung

Manual pre-cleaning

Maschinelle Reinigung und Desinfektion

Manual cleaning and disinfection

Kontrolle und Verpackung der Instrumente

Checking and packing of instruments



Modulare AEMP

Modular RUMED


The right solution for whom?

For public and private organizations and institutions as well as companies in the healthcare and life sciences sectors …
  • if speed matters
  • if long-term planning is not possible due to the political and/or economic situation
  • if the infrastructure does not allow any other options
  • if you are looking for a centralized solution
  • if a leasing solution is preferred to capital investment
  • if a “provisional” solution is required or can be defined as “required” in a tender while constructing or converting a traditional RUMED/facility
For investors and investment companies …
  • if considering a long-term investment with a quick ROI
For operators ...
  • if a strategic business/portfolio expansion is planned

Extended scope of services beyond a typical turn-key project

Erstbewertung Icon

Initial assessment

Analysis of the initial situation, evaluation of possible scenarios

Konzeptionelle Planung Icon

Conceptual planning

Centralized vs decentralized solution, plausibility

Kapazitätsplanung Icon

Capacity planning

Medical equipment and furniture

Logistik & Ressourcen Icon

Logistics & resources

Planning and optimization

Lösungskonzept Icon

Solution concept

Layout, description, quotation

Business Case Icon

Business case

Costing and optimization (CAPEX, OPEX, RoI, etc.)

Modulare AEMP

Your advantages at a glance

  • High quality thanks to industrial manufacturing process
  • Short communication paths and on-site visits at short notice
  • Know-how extending well beyond systems technology, “single source solutions” – assessment, planning, design and manufacturing as well as in-house assembly.
  • “Made in Germany” quality
  • Preliminary offer and associated documents, technical drawings within just 1 week!
  • Support with engaging operator services
  • Solutions for “highly sensitive” areas with stringent requirements on hygiene in a hospital or outside the RUMED environment
  • Optional: business case and optimal configuration proposal for processes and staff within the RUMED
  • Optional: training of the staff on hygiene and sterilization standards
  • Optional: establishing a production base for on-site modular buildings

… and all the well-known advantages of modular construction technology.

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