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Sustainable action and accepting our corporate responsibility is the central principle of MMM and the basis for the continued successful development of the company. “MMM. Protecting human health.” This guiding principle means more than just protecting patients. We protect people by upholding their human rights, respecting nature and its resources, and through the fair and dependable treatment of our partners and our employees. Protecting human health: You can rest assured that the MMM employees at our subsidiaries and locations will strictly comply with the applicable laws in the countries of our customers and suppliers.

ecovadis Sustainability Rating

EcoVadis CSR Rating

The company MMM Münchener Medizin Mechanik GmbH was awarded 60 points in the EcoVadis CSR assessment and received a “SILVER” award. This places MMM well above the industry average and makes it one of the most sustainable companies in the world among those in the industry that participated.

“We are very happy to have received this award as it confirms that the sustainability program at MMM is already of a pleasingly high standard and the measures we have implemented during the past few years have been effective. This award puts further wind behind our sails in our efforts to continuously further develop MMM’s climate risk management program” – Michael Geutler, Managing Director of MMM.


We consider respecting human rights, gender equality, and the protection of minorities as self-evident. We involve all employees in the implementation of our integrated management system (IMS). Protection of personal data is just as much a part of our respectful interaction with one another as treating each other fairly. Occupational safety and protecting the health of our employees are also paramount to us.


Especially being a family business, we firmly believe that we bear a responsibility to our society. We have defined consistent rules of engagement worldwide according to which our employees are expected to act. For example, MMM has a systematic system for preventing and fighting corruption and bribery. We are also involved in numerous sociopolitical and scientific projects and promote forward-looking initiatives.


MMM has implemented an environment and energy management system to systematically and sustainably protect nature and its resources as well as sustainably reduce the impact MMM's actions have on the environment. MMM also supports the climate goals of the 2015 Paris Agreement and, by setting itself concrete environmental and energy goals, is contributing to the goal of keeping global warming well below two degrees Celsius. In doing so, MMM focuses on the ISO 26000 guideline, various UN initiatives, and the Science Based Targets Initiative.


MMM stands for exceptional products and highly efficient and sustainable processes. In doing so, we offer our customers true added value. We have been ISO 9001 certified since 1994. We not only meet the requirements on paper, we live and breathe quality through intensive monitoring and optimization of our processes and workflows, through efficient fault management and by means of a product and performance inspection which goes above and beyond the basic statutory requirements.

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