Endoscope reprocessing

Uniclean® PLE 3

Uniclean® PLE 3 Washer-disinfector for reprocessing up to 3 flexible endoscopes

The Uniclean® PLE 3 washer-disinfector is designed for the automated cleaning and disinfection of reusable, flexible, thermolabile endoscopes.

EDScab® 8H

EDScab® 8H Storage and drying cabinet for up to 8 flexible endoscopes

Developed for the internal and external drying of flexible endoscopes, designed according to DIN EN16442:2015. The primary purpose of the machine is to store, with additional drying function, the reusable thermolabile endoscopes (bronchoscope, duodenoscope, fibroscope, gastroscope, colonoscope, ...

Endo Admin software packages RUMED360®

RUMED360® Endo Admin is a modularly designed application for digital administration of the “endo system”, which comprises the Uniclean® PLE 3 and EDScab® 8H. The tool is used for monitoring, evaluating and analyzing the endo system, and for administering the endoscopes, adapters and users. ...

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