The success of the "Steritreff" event model in Germany has motivated the MMM Group to hold a training day for the CSSD staff in Switzerland for the first time, too. Under the slogan "Best practice in reprocessing / CSSD", practical expertise was shared for practical applications. In collaboration with Richard Wolf, the KLS Martin Group and Dr. Weigert, the MMM Group invited for the 1st SteriForum to Olten, Switzerland. The SteriForum was well attended with almost 100 participants.

  • Helmi Henn, Richard Wolf GmbH, explained to the participants that "best practice" in the processing of sterile goods already begins with the preparation. She explained which requirements, rules and laws are relevant for the development, production and purchase of medical devices.
  • Johannes Gulde, KLS Martin Group, gave a lecture on validation of packaging processes. These are getting more and more important beside the validation of cleaning and disinfection processes as well as sterilization processes.
  • Vittoria LaRocca, expert in hospital hygiene at the Swiss Paraplegic Center, informed about the contact points between the CSSD and hospital hygiene.
  • Andreas Schneider, MMM Group, spoke about efficacy limits and fault detection systems for steam sterilization.
  • Cornelia Hugo, Head of the CSSD, Tüningen, gave the audience an overview of mistakes made in automated edical device processing and explained how these could be solved.

Due to the great success of the 1st SteriFORUM in Switzerland a 2nd edition will be held again in 2018 in Olten.

Further information on the event date and progremm will be published on our website.