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Infection control

Products Infections are the most hazardous threat to our health. Minor infections can be easily fended off by an intact immune system of our body. However, if the body is weak or if the pathogenic germs appear in a large concentration, each infection is an extreme stress for the human body and its organism. MMM develops and realizes systems to avoid infections, by generating a sterile surrounding and to help people to stay healthy and to get well. Patients, nursing staff, doctors and personnel working in sterile supply departments must be able to rely on the fact, that their instruments are sterile, the surrounding is clean and that sterile goods stay sterile during transport and will not jeopardize the healing process.
da Vinci® Instrument Reprocessing
  • Area: Hospital

da Vinci® Instrument Reprocessing

Reprocessing complex robotic instruments

Modern surgery with robotic systems and complex instruments makes great demands on CSSD reprocessing. Together with Intuitive Surgical, MMM Group has...