Batch Monitoring System and Bowie-Dick-Helix test Batch Monitoring System

The Batch Monitoring System from the MMM Group has been tested according to the requirements of DIN EN 867-5 and was specially developed for the cycle control of sterilization. The test items (Process Challenge Devices) made from aluminum simulate the complexity and characteristics of the medical devices to be sterilized.

Bowie-Dick Helix test

The MMM Group Bowie-Dick Helix test conforms to the DIN EN ISO 11140-4 standard and objectively checks your sterilization process for air removal and steam penetration. At full steam penetration the indicator changes color from blue to pink. An incomplete color change signals an insufficient exposure of the indicator to steam, which indicates a defective process. MMM indicators contain no heavy metals or toxic substances. Once the color of the indicator has changed, no further change in color will occur. This provides absolute, documented certainty.

Batch Monitoring System


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