Automatic chamber cleaning for sterilizers CIP-Adero®

In the case of steam sterilizers, a brown-red discoloration referred to as “rouging” often forms on the inner walls of the chamber after a period of use. These discolorations on the stainless steel surfaces are caused, amongst other things, by an inadequate water or steam quality, or chemical attacks for example due to unsuitable chemicals being used to clean the chamber and loading trolley. Eliminating this phenomenon requires a lot of effort: consistent weekly care of the chamber in addition to special derouging treatments by specialized companies. With MMM CIP-Adero®, the sterilizer will do this automatically for you in future.



  • No manpower required (fully-automatic process)
  • No physically strenuous scrubbing work
  • No contact with chemicals
  • The routine cleaning can permanently remove any surface rust, among other things

A material and environmentally friendly process

The CIP-Adero® INTENSIVE and CIP-Adero® REGULAR cleaning agents used employ a combination of select organic acids as active components. These have the advantage of dissolving the corrosion products by binding them to ferrous ions and at the same time, on account of this property, enrich the chromium component of the alloy on the stainless steel surface, which promotes the repassivation of the material. Thanks to this dual function, the rouging phenomenon can be effectively eliminated in a material friendly and also environmentally friendly process while at the same time renewing and maintaining the passive layer of the steel.


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