H2O2-based low temperature plasma sterilizer Hyper LTS® 150

Specially designed to sterilize sensitive or heat sensitive medical devices, the high quality Hyper LTS® 150 offers unique technologies at a high safety level and meets the highest requirements. With intuitive control and a user-friendly interface, the Hyper LTS® 150 is easy to use and operate.

Hyper LTS 150
Hyper LTS 150
Hyper LTS 150

Technical data

Internal chamber dimensions in mm (H x W x D)
Volume in L
Electrical rating in kW
External dimensions in mm (H x W x D)

Hyper LTS 150-1


450 x 450 x 760



1,612 x 700 x 891

Hyper LTS 150-2


450 x 450 x 760



1,612 x 700 x 925

Technical data subject to change without notice

Key elements of the technology

User-friendly Hyper LTS® H2O2 technology with low power and energy consumption. The hydrogen peroxide used during the gas plasma phase decomposes into water and oxygen for safe release into the environment. H2O2 sterilization provides user safety and is environmentally friendly

Hyper LTS 150


  • Automatic sliding door, contact-free opening and closing of the chamber
  • Fast and effective warm-up system
  • Convenient and safe sterilizing agent
  • 7″ touchscreen on the loading and unloading side
Hyper LTS 150 - Smart HMI

MMM Smart HMI Modern & intuitive

The human/machine interface (Smart HMI) is one part of MMM’s concept for simplifying the work of operating personnel. All process-relevant information—such as the device status, process steps, values, and process graphs—can be read at a glance on the display.

  • All programs at a glance
  • Direct access to information about the cartridge
  • Current chamber temperature and chamber pressure
  • Password-protected
Hyper LTS 150 - Sterilizing agent

Sterilization agent

Used for sterilization of medical devices to achieve a sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10-6.

MMM Hyper LTS® 150 cartridge

  • Chemical substances: H2O2 hydrogen peroxide (59%)
  • Use: 15 cycles/cartridge
  • Expiration date: 12 months from date of manufacture/40 days from date of installation
  • Storage temperature: 5 – 30 ℃
  • Filling quantity: 160 ml
  • Cartridges/packaging unit: 8
  • Mat. No.: 010575948
  • Automatic sliding doors (single or double door units)
  • Opening/closing of the door using hands-free foot switch
  •  Rapid warmup and dry system
  • 3 standard cycles (EASY, CLASSIC and COMPLEX)
  • Uniform temperature distribution in the chamber thanks to chamber and door heating with electric heating mats and integrated fan
  • Convenient and safe sterilizing agent for 15 cycles
  •  7“ touch screen on the loading and unloading side
  • Industrial PLC control system with MMM smart HMI
  • Interface for RUMED360® software applications
  • Plug and play
  • USB history memory
  • Built-in thermal printer
  • Login function
  • Monitoring system
  • 2 special sterile goods baskets (H x W x D): 160 x 400 x 680 mm
  • RUMED360® software applications

Sterilization process

The sterilization process of the Hyper LTS® 150 consists of two half cycles and a plasma phase
at the end of each half cycle to safely achieve a Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6.

Environmentally friendly
The by-products after sterilization are water and oxygen. Sterilization uses hydrogen peroxide, a powerful but safe disinfectant that leaves no harmful residues or by-products. This contributes to environmental protection as well as to user-friendliness and safety.

Low temperature sterilization
The process temperature keeps lower than 60° C (during  holding time between 55 and 60° C) and the cycle times are less than 1 hour (EASY, CLASSIC, COMPLEX). This gentle method ensures less heat stress to the materials of the medical devices.

The H2O2 plasma sterilizer is user friendly as the main sterilizing agent is very safe. Due to a redundant safety system consisting of a plasma inactivation phase during each half cycle and an integrated catalytic converter on the outlet of the vacuum pump, the remaining H2O2 if effectively cracked into non-toxic residues (water and oxygen).

Cycle time and economic efficiency
Die kurzen Zykluszeiten erlauben mehr Kapazität. Somit ist weniger Bestand an teuren Instrumenten erforderlich und der wirtschaftliche Nutzen für die Gesundheitseinrichtung ist insgesamt höher.

The short cycle times increases turnover of instruments. Thus less inventory of expensive instruments is needed and a higher economical benefit for the healthcare facility is reached.

The modern industrial PLC control offers many possibilities and high capacity. MMM uses the same control systems in its steam sterilizers and washer-disinfectors, enabling safe and user-friendly operation.

  • User-friendly MMM Smart HMI
  • 3 pre-configured standard programms (Easy, Classic, Complex)
  • User identification for batch documentation
  • Large display for remaining runtimes
  • Three-color LED display on the chamber door for status indication
  • Built-in unicode thermal printer
  • Interface to tracking and tracing systems via RUMED360®

General instruments
» Scissors, scalpels, saws
» Forceps, clamps
» Retractors, surgical hooks
» Knives, blades, trocars
» Batteries
» Sterilization cases
» Instrument trays

Rigid endoscopes and accessories
» Arthroscopes
» Laparoscopes
» Surgical telescopes
» Laparoscopic instrument sets
» Robotic instruments
» Cannulas
» Trocar sheaths

Flexible endoscopes and accessories
» Bronchoscopes
» Hysteroscopes
» Cystoscopes
» Ureteroscopes
» Cameras
» Light cords

Electrical devices
» Ultrasonic handpieces
» Power drills
» Ultrasound probes
» Transducers

  • Sterilization rack
    Dimensions (W x H x D): 400 x 160 x 680 mm
    Material: SST 304
  • H2O2 cartridge


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