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Variety of high-tech systems Laboratory incubators

High-tech systems for incubation – both heating and cooling, humidity and light stability control – for use in research, development, production and quality control. Please visit the website of MMM Medcenter Einrichtungen GmbH for extensive product details.

Machine Types

INCUCELL: Chamber volumes from 22 to 1,212 liters

INCUCELL V: Chamber volumes from 22 to 1,212 liters

FRIOCELL: Chamber volumes from 55 to 1,212 liters

CLIMACELL: Chamber volumes from 111 to 1,212 liters

CO2CELL: Chamber volumes of 50 and 190 liters

The machine is available with either natural or forced air circulation, natural heating and cooling, controlled humidity and C02 atmosphere depending on the type.

The incubators are available in a Standard or Deluxe version.

The parameters in the chamber are monitored and recorded on a PC using the special WarmComm software.


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