The solution during department refurbishment or renovation

More than 65 years of expertise in processing sterile goods makes us the real experts. The MMM Group is a leading supplier of general contractor services in new construction and renovation of medical technology departments - particularly the CSSD.

MMM is more than just a manufacturer, we provide a complete, end to end solutions. Our services cover detailed planning and consultation, products and their software, installation, logistics and service, which includes the validation of all processes in the CSSD and right through to the end-to-end project management of extensive construction works.

Renovation of the CSSD requires in many cases not only replacement of devices but also adapting processes and media to new standards or a change in circumstances. The maintenance of the supply of sterile goods for normal hospital operation during renovation work is one of the greatest challenges. The main question at the start of the project is: renovation during continuing operation or move operations to a mobile processing unit for medical products (MPU)?
Our experience as a total solution provider has shown: renovation during continuing operation often involves major restrictions for personnel and processes and increased costs due to constructions requirements to maintain hygienic requirements.

The MMM Group has the solution: a mobile processing unit for medical products.


Advantages at a glance

  • MPU available for lease or purchase. Modules, technical building equipment and medical technology can all be leased.
  • Renovation or construction time for the CSSD can reduced by half if operation does not need to be maintained during construction and the preparation of sterile goods can be moved to a mobile MPU
  • Huge cost savings by eliminating the need for complicated construction of partitions for hygiene during renovations while operations are continued at the same time
  • No interference with processes during renovations
  • Personnel are not exposed to noise during the renovation
  • The organisation of processing can be duplicated in the MPU
  • Installation time for the MPU is very short compared to time-consuming partitioning of building phases during processing operations
  • Full capacity of the MPU compared to restricted capacity during renovations and continuing operation

Mobile CSSD

Modular and scalable

The MMM base module consists of 2 modules with a robust steel frame and a total floor area (TFA) of 65 m². The external dimensions are approx. 12.5 m x 5.2 m x 3.1 m (LxWxH). The individual modules can be transported by truck.

Example of equipment:

  • Externally accessible technical section with items such as water processing system and compressor system, electrical subdistributor
  • Exhaust and air-conditioning systems
  • Internal installations (including electrical, IT & telephone network, sewage system, compressed air)
  • 2 Uniclean PL II 15-2 single chamber WD (2-door WD)
  • 2 Selectomat CL 666-2 steam sterilizers each with a capacity of 4 StU
  • Manual cleaning (ultrasonics)
  • 2 instrument packing tables and 1 workstation with a heat sealer

Installation time:

  • MMM base unit (2 modules for a daily output of up to 90 StU in two-shift operation) is supplied fully equipped
  • Setup, assembly and commissioning in about 5 days
  • depending on the process validation the MPU will be available for use in the shortest possible time

Site requirements:

  • power, soft water, sewage pipe
  • simple foundation for placement of containers


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