CSSD Management: Use the right information to increase your efficiency

To a great extent, it is the cycle time of your reprocessing machines that determine the total operating performance of your department. The Intelligent Service Advisor (ISA) helps you to utilize your CSSD equipment and your available time more efficiently.
ISA is a software program for MMM reprocessing machines in CSSDs, which facilitates the communication between man and machinery. Through ISA, the CSSD personnel is constantly informed about the status of the reprocessing machines (MMM washer-disinfectors and sterilizers). ISA sends text messages or e-mails with important information about the machine status to single or multiple defined recipients, for instance, operator, the CSSD management, the facility manager or MMM customer service. This information provides  greater liberty and flexibility to manage the workflow, making work in CSSD more efficient and smooth.

  • Increased machine availability thanks to reduced and scheduled machine downtime.
  • Optimized workflow thanks to online information about program end and program abort.
  • Efficient maintenance and service intervention: Regular maintenance can be scheduled according to your demand. All required information is already on hand in case of trouble-shooting.
  • Fast and precise fault tracking. Knowing the kind of error allows you to prepare the service actions and to supply the required replacement parts in a quick and efficient manner.
  • All information is carefully controlled and distributed: every recipient gets only the amount of information he or she really needs.

At a glance

Application: Hospital
Type: Software