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Process documentation, monitoring, energy management – this is what RUMED360® stands for: Software applications that make your everyday work in the RUMED easier and safer. Digitalization has established itself as an integral and indispensable part of healthcare and hospital facilities for some time now. In the modern working environment of a RUMED, process monitoring and digital documentation are important and essential components of an almost paperless working life. The resultant process and workflow optimization brings with it greater profitability, efficiency and safety.

The RUMED360® software applications developed by MMM combine all these attributes and make a significant contribution towards ensuring a user-optimized and efficient implementation of the work processes in a RUMED. The Energy Management application, for example, helps keep the investment costs for the central energy supply at a minimum while still optimally covering the peak loads and ensuring high productivity.

RUMED360® Documents
RUMED360® Dashboard
RUMED360® CycleView
CyclePrint Direct

Prozessdokumentation CyclePrint Direct

MMM process documentation system with an external report printer. User-friendly documentation and simple checking of reports with color printout of process curves along with the measured values. All information at a glance.

System (designed for one machine) consisting of:

  • Ethernet port on the machine controller
  • Report printer
  • TCP/IP crossover cable with a length of 10m

The report printer is equipped with an Ethernet port. Printouts are in DIN A4 format and contain the logged measurement values as well as pressure and temperature process curves based on actual values.

Printout of date, institution and department name, selected program, machine number, cycle number, program start time, all significant program phases, actual values for pressures and temperatures, program end time, process result, and recorded barcodes.


Prozessdokumentation Cycles

MMM process documentation system for user-friendly documentation with easy reviewing of the cycle data and secure archiving of the digital reports. RUMED360® Cycles connects to all MMM washer-disinfectors and sterilizers thereby ensuring all machine cycles are fully documented.

Thanks to the digital recording of all relevant cycle parameters, RUMED360® Cycles is ideally suited for paperless, and therefore environmentally-responsible process documentation. The reports can be viewed simply and easily at any time using the integrated viewer to check the relevant process parameters.

The viewer offers various zoom functions for examining specific process points in detail, or to display the relevant permissible tolerance band for review purposes. Furthermore, all relevant parameters are shown in plain text in addition to the graphical data (process curves). This enables the processes to be confidently and quickly released.

It is also possible to securely and digitally archive all cycle data, thereby eliminating the need for time-consuming storage of endless files containing printouts of reports. This saves time, space, and resources – and therefore money. The process reports can of course be printed out in DIN A4 format if required.

RUMED360® CycleView

Process Documentation CycleView

Process information in graph form and plain text.

In display mode, the program offers various zoom functions for examining specific process points in detail, or to display the relevant permissible tolerance band for review purposes. Furthermore, all relevant parameters are shown in plain text in addition to the graphical data (process curves).

Prerequisites: An already installed RUMED360® Cycles.

RUMED360® Dashboard

Monitoring Dashboard

Real-time visualization of the status of the connected MMM machines in a simple and clear manner, thereby helping optimize the processes in the RUMED. The following machine statuses and process information are displayed:

  • Ready to load/start
  • In-progress
  • Cycle successfully completed, ready to unload
  • Error
  • Program canceled
  • Energy saving mode
  • Machine is switched off
  • Active program
  • Remaining time
  • Current cycle
  • Process step

We recommend displaying the dashboard on an LED display with a minimum diagonal measurement of 49″. The dashboard resolution has been designed for a full HD display (1920 x 1080 px). Alternatively, the dashboard could also be displayed on a PC monitor.


Monitoring ServiceDesk

The RUMED360® ServiceDesk gives you an overview of the status of your machines at the click of a button. The central online monitoring and display of one or more machines minimizes the response time in the event of a fault and, thanks to the detailed error description, enables the fault to be resolved quickly. It also gives you the ability to review at a glance all relevant service parameters per machine, coordinate and plan targeted service measures, and minimize the downtimes of your machines.

Besides the dashboard view, which clearly displays the status of all connected machines, the ServiceDesk can be used to display detailed information on a per-machine basis, for example

  • Maintenance interval period
  • Service life of various consumables
  • Realtime information about the pressure and temperature in the chamber
  • Most recently performed tests
  • Realtime display of error messages
  • Activated programs, active users, early start
  • Email out the machine statuses
RUMED360® Documents

Monitoring Documents

A further component of the RUMED360® ServiceDesk is the document module. This module helps you sort, catalog and archive all machine and/or RUMED related documents so they can be quickly and easily displayed when needed.

Smart filtering options enable you to reduce the number of unneeded documents in a targeted manner, and thereby quickly display only the necessary documents. The module supports all common file types.


Monitoring ISA

The RUMED360® ISA Server extends the ServiceDesk with the ability to automatically send out machine status information in an email.

Data are sent automatically, i.e., in case of program interruption, program end and maintenance information, or at the request of an operator by pressing a button on the machine display. The debug message includes a range of useful information on the status of the machine. The program interruption message enables fast analysis and diagnosis in the event of a fault.

Energy Balancing System

Energy Management Energy Balancing System (EBS)

An intelligent load management system for the latest generation of MMM machines. A variety of washer-disinfectors, steam sterilizers, steam generators and steam-to-steam generators can be integrated into the system.

By managing the connected machines, it is possible to optimize shared resources (e.g., heating steam circuit) during operation.

This centralized control of resource consumption provides the following advantages:

  • The design capacity of resources (e.g., heating steam circuit) can be reduced, i.e., components can be dimensioned smaller and investment costs reduced
  • The available resources are utilized more uniformly
  • The machines can continue to be used when subsystems fail (e.g., all sterilizers can continue to be operated even when a pure steam-to-steam generator is offline due to maintenance work)
  • The emergency operation enables the connected machines to be switched from heating steam operation to electrical operation at the push of a button (if supported by the hardware)
  • Connected MMM steam generators / steam-to-steam generators can be controlled from the central control panel (switched on and off)

The validated processes are not affected by the use of the MMM Energy Balancing System.


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