The smart alternative to the Bowie-Dick test SteamSpy

The SteamSpy is an electronic Bowie-Dick test that is permanently integrated into the steam sterilizer and is program-controlled. The test results are shown in the cycle report. It also acts as a continuous cycle control that you can never forget. The SteamSpy meets the requirements of DIN EN ISO 11140 and is a recognized alternative to the Bowie-Dick test. Its conformity with the standard has been certified by an independent, external testing laboratory.


How SteamSpy works

SteamSpy comprises a test body permanently installed in the chamber that simulates a lumened surgical instrument and a measuring device attached to the outer chamber wall. Its design enables the effectiveness of steam penetration, both in cavities and in porous material, to be verified. The steam penetration determined by the measurement system is continuously evaluated during the running sterilization program. A warning appears in the event of a failure. The result is prominently displayed in the cycle report.

Numerous advantages

Clear result

The cycle control system, which delivers a clear and unambiguous result regarding the success of the process and eliminates the need to interpret the color change of a chemical indicator, gives the user additional certainty.

Fully automatic

The Bowie-Dick test can be incorporated into the early start routine. The vacuum test, heating program, and the Bowie-Dick test then run automatically under program control so the sterilizer will be fully ready for operation at the start of the shift.


With its longevity and by obviating the need for consumables such as chemical indicators, SteamSpy allow makes it easy to determine the investment and operating costs. Duplication of documentation is eliminated as the test result is easy to identify in the cycle report.


MMM SteamSpy can be retrofitted into older MMM sterilizers in conjunction with a controller update to bring them up to the state of the art. Our Customer Service department would be happy to provide further information.

Saves time and money

The operating costs per sterile unit can be significantly reduced, as chemical indicators are no longer required. Manual intervention for routine controls can be dispensed with completely. This time saving for the staff results in a higher productivity. Time saving with SteamSpy compared to the conventional Bowie-Dick test – per machine and 40-minute work shift.


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