UPL C-Shuttle

Fully automatic loading and unloading for concept 15.30 washer-disinfectors UPL C-Shuttle® automation system

The UPL C-Shuttle® – automatic loading and unloading system – can be used both with Uniclean® PL II 15 and also Uniclean® PL II 30 machines. It combines sophisticated functions with user-friendly ergonomics for an optimized workflow.

UPL C-Shuttle
UPL C-Shuttle
UPL C-Shuttle
UPL C-Shuttle

Versatile, fully automatic and safe.

  • Automatic loading and unloading of three to eight cleaning machines (in the Uniclean® PL II 15 or Uniclean® PL II 30 series)
  • Vacant spaces for a later expansion to the full eight machine configuration can be provided
  • Automatic unloading with roller conveyors
  • Uniform loading of the cleaning machines
  • Priority roller conveyor for express cycles
  • Flexibly expandable buffer roller conveyor for 2, 4 or 6 racks on the loading and unloading side
  • Easy to operate and high safety standard
  • Semi-automatic unloading of the racks onto the transport trolley
  • Manual loading possible at any time in case of failure
  • Flexible layout options to suit the on-site situation
  • Control panel with flexible swivel arm
  • Designed for central dosing
  • Ergonomic transport trolley
  • Autonomous rack return roller conveyor with rack hatch
UPL C-Shuttle

Mechanical/electrical design of the C-Shuttle

  • Stable frame completely made of CrNi steel
  • Visible sides polished to a satin finish
  • Electrically driven conveyor rollers
  • Linear guidance unit with integrated rack and pinion drive for the lateral movement of the shuttle in front of the WDs
  • Safety system for protecting the operators in accordance with the Machinery Guideline
  • High-gloss polished collection pan
  • IP55 controller housing integrated behind the side cover


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