Uniclean PL II 15

Washer-disinfector for 18 DIN trays Uniclean® PL II 15

The Uniclean® PL II 15 is the highest performance washer-disinfector from MMM and has been developed for the thorough reprocessing of large quantities of medical devices. The innovative single-chamber machine can accommodate 18 DIN trays and has a compact design with a width of only 1,000 mm. The Uniclean® PL II 15 can also reliably reprocess complex instruments such as DaVinci robotic instruments.

Uniclean PL II 15
Uniclean PL II 15
Uniclean PL II 15
Uniclean PL II 15
Uniclean PL II 15
Uniclean PL II 15
Uniclean PL II 15

Technical data

DIN tray capacity
Loading height
Usable chamber dimensions in mm (H x W x D)
Usable chamber capacity
External machine dimensions in mm (H x W x D)


810 mm

640 x 648 x 820

340 liters

1,000 x 1,950 x 950

Technical data subject to change without notice

concept 15.30 - A scalable system

Under the name “concept 15.30”, the MMM Group offers optimized solutions for a high reprocessing capacity in a small space. The combination of a Uniclean® PL II 15 machine for 18 DIN trays and a Uniclean® PL II 30 machine for 36 DIN trays opens up new solutions for designing the room layout and optimizing the workflow. The two machines combine perfectly and can be installed side-by-side to cater for the specific situation on site. Synergy effects are achieved with the devices coming from the same product family (same racks, transport trolleys, roller conveyors and spare parts), which increases efficiency in your RUMED. The Uniclean® PL II series has been developed for the thorough reprocessing of large quantities of medical devices, such as general surgical and MIS instruments, anaesthetic materials, ophthalmological instruments, containers, receptacles, bowls, basins, OR shoes and other utensils.

“Halo” LED control panel with status colors

Light and light effects not only have a proven beneficial effect on humans but also increase the quality and pleasantness of the workplace. The “Halo” LED control panel developed by MMM provides a perfect interplay of ambiance and function. The “Halo” light effect in various status colors reflects off the stainless steel surface and gives the MMM washer-disinfector a stylish appearance. The vertically arranged operating panel with the MMM Smart HMI promises intuitive and reliable operator guidance.


  • Hygienic, easy-to-clean design of the outside surfaces and chamber
  • Slim machine dimensions (1,000 mm wide)
  • 4D cleaning system with water management
  • H-Flow high-performance drying system
  • High serviceability
  • Same racks and peripherals as for Uniclean® PL II 30
  • Detection of specific rack type via a barcode
  • “Halo” LED control panel with status colors
  • Vertically arranged 7″ operating panel with MMM Smart HMI
  • Cleaning of robotic instruments (DaVinci)
  • Easy glide rollers
  • Chamber made from AISI 316L with hygienic high-quality surface finish in 2 R quality (smooth, shiny, reflective) with minimum weld seams
4D Reinigungssystem

4D cleaning system

The 4D cleaning system developed by MMM creates a full-coverage spray pattern that acts from above and below. The pump pressure, which is optimally matched to the water volume and process chemicals, distributes the water evenly to all four consumers (two rotary arms in the chamber, two JANUS rack connections).

The cleverly devised cleaning geometry and the interplay between the machine and rack allows all external and internal surfaces of the goods being treated to be optimally reached and wetted.

H-Flow Trocknungssystem

H-Flow drying system

The two-stage high performance drying system consists of two heating elements, a fresh air fan above a HEPA filter, and a fan that is mounted laterally in the chamber. Thanks to the horizontally whirling air current, the hot air reaches all rack levels directly. The high level of hot air circulation in the chamber allows the existing heat to be stored and greatly accelerates the drying process.

Hygienically impeccable: The integrated air turbine and the heating elements are also cleaned and disinfected during each process.

  • Maximum width only 1,000 mm
  • Capacity for 18 DIN trays, 4x 1 StU or 6x ½ StU sterile containers
  • Industrial PLC from B&R in an IP 55 control cabinet
  • Vertically arranged 7″ operating panel with MMM Smart HMI
  • “Halo” LED control panel with status colors
  • PPV system for process parameter verification
  • H-Flow: highly efficient drying system
  • HEPA H14 filter
  • Electric air heater
  • Exhaust air draft interrupter
  • Service access does not require additional space in combination with the Uniclean® PL II 30
  • JANUS connection for cleaning racks
  • Intelligent water management system
  • 4D cleaning system
  • Sliding drawer for control cabinet with “Halo” LED control panel
  • Sliding drawer for cleaning agents and dosing system
  • Chamber material: AISI 316L
  • Electrically driven, vertically downward opening glass doors
  • Electric or steam-heated tank
  • Drainage pump
  • 1 dosing pump
  • Large number of pre-configured standard programs
  • 3-color LED chamber lighting
  • Choice of A0 value control or temperature holding time control
  • Deionized water pre-heating tank (speed cycle)
  • Deionized water recovery tank
  • HEPA filter monitoring
  • Connections from below
  • Additional dosing pumps
  • Dosing line for small quantities of cleaning agents
  • Conductivity measurement
  • Handheld barcode scanner for recording trays
  • Barcode scanner for automatic program selection
  • Datamatrix recording system for reading item codes
  • Potential-free contacts
  • Semi-automatic loading and unloading of racks
  • Automatic loading and unloading roller conveyor
  • Energy manager
  • Media shut-off valves
  • Machine tub with drain and baseboard
  • DIN A4 cycle report printer
  • Thermoplotter
  • Remote maintenance
  • ISA – Intelligent Service Advisor
  • Large assortment of loading racks, transport trolleys, manual and automatic roller conveyors, sliding windows, rack hatches and rack storage tables
  • RUMED360® software products
  • Loading trays can conveniently be loaded from all four sides
  • Automatic rack transport inside the chamber: Even heavy racks can be transported in and out effortlessly and precisely positioned in the chamber
  • Rubberized CoolTouch handles allow touching of hot racks. They can be variably applied
  • The JANUS system provides maximum loading flexibility because the racks can also be rotated 180° when inserted into the chamber
  • Controller and MMM Smart HMI
  • The clearly structured menu navigation on the color touch display with unambiguous symbols ensures high operational reliability:
    • Vertically arranged 7″ operating panel with MMM Smart HMI and “Halo” LED control panel with status colors
    • The large remaining time display enables optimal time management
  • Barcode reading system with program pre-selection: The automatic barcode detection ensures the right program is selected for the items to be cleaned.
  • In conjunction with a documentation system such as EcoSoft, all relevant process steps for the items being cleaned are automatically documented.
  • Large assortment of loading racks, transport trolleys, manual and automatic roller conveyors, sliding windows, rack hatches and rack storage tables
  • UPL C-Shuttle® cross slide for automatic loading and unloading
  • RUMED360® software products


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