Large disinfection system

Large disinfection system for preventing infection at the hospital, particularly for disinfecting solid and porous goods such as mattresses, bed linen, clothing and similar utensils. In bedding stations, the Vacudes steam disinfection system is particularly suitable for the efficient preparation of large quantities of mattresses and bed linen.

The Vacudes PL works according to a fractional vacuum process (VDV process) with repeated evacuation of the disinfection chamber for areas AB and ABC.

Area A:
Vegetative cells of bacteria, mycobacteria and fungi.

Area B:
Killing of viruses (includes killing off bacteria, so area A)

Area C:
Killing of anthrax spores (includes areas A and B)

Technical data:
  • Chamber door that opens horizontally
  • Set up in a pit or on a pedestal
  • Surface processing of the inside chamber walls: Ceramic-blasted and refined
  • *Capacity in bed equipment acc. to DIN 58949: 4 - 10 BA
  • *Capacity in mattresses acc. to DIN 13014-M 2000: 6 - 12
Ease of use:
  • The large remaining time display enables workflow optimisation
  • The two-stage vacuum pump is particularly quiet
  • High operating safety
  • Disinfection chamber: Double-wall, inner wall and vapour jacket made from CrNi steel, material no.: 1.4541
  • Max. operating overpressure: 0.5 bar/-1
  • Sliding doors, opening sideways, power-operated with electromotive door drive
  • Door made from light metal with heat insulation and final cladding from CrNi steel panels
  • Door is pressure-proof when closed due to special sealing
  • Safety equipment prevents opening while the program is running, and also prevents simultaneous opening of the loading and unloading sides (lock function), redundant safety system to prevent trapping.
  • Vacuum equipment: Powerful and quiet water ring vacuum pump with upstream counter-flow heat exchanger and water circulation container. Optimal water savings through PT-100 regulation. The cold water supply line contains an unhindered free drain of safety
  • Integrated batch log printer
  • Energy-saving mode: automatic early start function and idle mode
  • Heat insulation system for chamber, doors and pipes prevents heat dissipation and energy loss.
  • Network connection for archiving the process data
  • Batch printer
  • Program for the event of an epidemic in line with BSeuchG (German Federal Law on Epidemic Control) and in line with the specifications by the Robert Koch Institute
  • Equipment for condensate disinfection
  • Exhaust air filter for decontamination of the exhaust air from the chamber
  • Barcode management system with automatic program suggestions
  • User management with configurable access system
  • Parameter management with multi-level access system
  • Electric steam generator with automatic desalination system
  • Connection to the cooling circuit of the building to reduce fresh water consumption by up to 90 %

All processes are validated and run automatically according to the fractional vacuum process.

The programs set in the control system run automatically and ensure that the preparation quality of the goods remains at the same high level. All main parameters are monitored continuously, normal deviations are displayed and logged - safety for patients and employees.

  • The large remaining time display enables workflow optimisation
  • The two-stage vacuum pump is particularly quiet
  • High operating safety
  • Bed linen
  • Mattresses
  • Linen

At a glance

Application: Hospital
Type: Bed center
Process: Steam
Material to be treated: Porous goods


  • 4-10 BA*

Loading height

  • Floor level