Selectomat PL

Premium Line steam sterilizer Selectomat® PL

Large sterilizer with 2 or more sterilization units for fast and reliable sterilization of instruments, utensils, laundry, plastic and complicated MIS instruments as well as other medical products in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, medical practices, and industrial sterile goods suppliers with customer-specific equipment options.

Technical data

Capacity in StU
Internal chamber dimensions in mm (H x W x D)
Chamber volume in L.
Machine dimensions in mm (H x W x D)

V models (machines with chamber doors that open vertically downwards)



670 x 350 x 700


1,918* x 1,000 x 990**



702 x 652 x 690


1,918* x 1,300 x 990**



702 x 652 x 990


1,918* x 1,300 x 1,290**



702 x 652 x 1,340


1,918* x 1,300 x 1,640**

H models (machines with horizontally opening chamber doors)



710 x 650 x 690


1,918* x 1,600 x 990**



710 x 650 x 990


1.918* x 1.600 x 1.290**



710 x 650 x 1,340


1.918* x 1.600 x 1.640**



1,000 x 650 x 690


1,918* x 1,600 x 990



1,000 x 650 x 990


1,918* x 1,600 x 1,290**



1,000 x 650 x 1,340


1,918* x 1,600 x 1,640**



1,000 x 650 x 1,940


1,918* x 1,600 x 2,240

G models (pit machines with horizontally opening chamber doors)



1,360 x 720 x 1,090


1,918 x 1,900 x 1,390



1,360 x 720 x 1,390


1,918 x 1,900 x 1,690



1,360 x 720 x 2,140


1,918 x 1,900 x 2,440

Technical data subject to change without notice

* Including 100 mm base
** Depth reduced by 20 mm on single-door devices

Selectomat PL

Solid construction and precisely dimensioned components

Every healthcare facility and every central sterile services department is unique. That is why MMM sterilizers are tailored to the specific requirements of each of our customers and offer maximum safety, reliability and ease-of-use. Solid craftsmanship, careful selection of the components, and user-friendly features characterize the Selectomat® PL.

Selectomat PL

Top features

  • Various sizes of V, H and G chambers
  • SteamSpy – integrated automatic Bowie-Dick test and cycle control
  • Water-saving vacuum unit
  • MMM Smart HMI with 10″ color touchscreen
  • PPV system: process parameter verification
  • Automatic early start for optimal time management
  • Automatic loading and unloading ramps compatible with the Hupfer Känguruh system
  • Direct connection to the on-site cooling circuit

APPcycles® More time savings, less media consumption

APPcycles® is a configuration program that enables you to precisely tailor your sterilization processes to your application. Without compromising the sterilization results. The individual process stages were selected based on ISO/TS 17665-3. Not all medical devices are the same in terms of construction, geometry and material properties. The selected packaging type, whether it be container or soft packaging, is also taken into consideration when configuring APPcycles®.


SteamSpy For tracking down gaps in steam penetration

The SteamSpy is an electronic Bowie-Dick test that is permanently integrated into the steam sterilizer and is program-controlled. The test results are output in the cycle documentation. It also acts as a continuous cycle control that you can never forget. The SteamSpy meets the requirements of DIN EN ISO 11140 and is a recognized alternative to the Bowie-Dick test. Its conformity with the standard has been certified by an independent, external testing laboratory.

  • High quality sterilizing pressure vessel made from CrNiMo steel, material no. 1.4404 (AISI 316L) and surrounding jacket comprising ring channels made from CrNiMoTi steel, material no. 1.4571 (AISI 316 Ti)
  • Sterilizing chamber with full-surface heating at top and bottom
  • Chamber rails make loading by means of loading trolleys easier
  • Automatic sliding doors with safety equipment that prevents it from being opened while the program is running, and prevents the loading and unloading sides from being opened at the same time (rack hatch function) and provides protection against trapping
  • Piping system as per DIN EN 285, steam-conducting lines and valves made from CrNi steel; pipes are color-coded and heat-insulated
  • The K-Flex pipe insulation is free of halogens, PVC, CFCs, HCFCs and asbestos
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger with a large surface
  • Joint-free integrated operating panel with touchscreen, indicator lamps, door switches, program stop switch
  • Color touch display with intuitive menus and display of all important cycle information as well as messages from the safety inspection system and the service menu for the technician
  • 10” display
  • B&R controller
  • Low-noise two-stage vacuum pump
  • Early start: Independent start to warm up the sterilizer with an initial empty run so it is immediately available for use
  • Energy-saving night time switchoff – separately configurable for each day
  • Barcode reader for identifying the material being loaded
  • External vacuum pump for noise minimization
  • Automatic loading and unloading
  • Air detector for additional monitoring of the chamber tightness
  • SteamSpy – integrated automatic Bowie-Dick test and cycle control
  • Water saving system: The vacuum pump runs in resource-saving recirculation mode. Fresh water is only added where necessary
  • Steam manager
  • Remote diagnostics, central control room
  • Steam generator: Installed on or adjacent to the sterilizer or integrated into the sterilizer (V models)
  • Connection to an external cooling circuit to reduce the water consumption by up to 95 %
  • Connection to a DIN A4 printer or network to print out or archive the cycle report
  • Special program for sterilizing liquids in open or loosely sealed containers with passive cooling
  • RUMED 360® software products

The B&R PLC control system offers immense resources and enables extremely dynamic configurability, allowing all project-specific details to be taken into account individually. This control module demonstrates its flexibility not least through the options for printing the report. The options include a built-in printer integrated in the front of the sterilizer or a DIN A4 printer, either directly connected to the controller or connected over a network.

Precise process control
• Proven industrial controller with no mechanically moving parts
• Ethernet interface on the controller for optimal networking
• Redundant sensors for superior process reliability
• PPV system: Process Parameter Verification

The MMM Smart HMI – clear and appealing
The human/machine interface is just one part of MMM’s concept for simplifying the work of operating personnel. The visualization of the navigation through the color touch display, which is hygienically integrated in the glass panel on the front of the device, appears in friendly colors and unambiguous symbols and text. All process-relevant information—such as the device status, process steps, values, and process graphs—is available at a glance on the display. The remaining time of the program is displayed in numbers that can be viewed from a distance, allowing the workflow to be optimized with no wait times.

Ease of operation
• Intuitive menu navigation on a color touch display
• 10“ display
• Large remaining time display
• Easy to clean

Custom machine configuration
• Continuous monitoring of all measured values
• Precise regulation of the actuators
• Barcode reading system with automatic program selection
• Operator IDs and user management
• Automatic early start for optimal time management

  • Loading trolley
  • Transport trolley
  • Automatic loading and unloading ramps
  • Automatic loading and unloading ramps for Hupfer Känguruh system
  • Sliding windows and rack hatches
  • RUMED360® software products
  • Enclosed transport trolley (ECC)


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