Vacudes PL
Vacudes PL

Premium Line - steam disinfection machine Vacudes® PL

Large disinfection system for preventing infection at the hospital, particularly for disinfecting solid and porous materials such as mattresses, bed linen, clothing and similar utensils. In bedding stations, the Vacudes® PL steam disinfection system is particularly suitable for the economical reprocessing of large quantities of mattresses and bed linen.

Vacudes PL
Vacudes PL

Technical data

Rated capacity according to DIN 58949
Capacity in bed equipment according to DIN 58949
Capacity in mattresses according to 13014-M 2000
External machine dimensions (H x W x D)

Mounted on base


2 (10 x 8 x 21)

4 BA


2,488 x 2,490 x 2,860


3 (12 x 10 x 21)

7 BA


2.488 x 2.690 x 2.860


4 (16 x 10 x 21)

10 BA


2,488 x 2,690 x 2,860

Montage in pit


2 (10 x 8 x 21)

4 BE


2,318 x 2,530 x 2,860


3 (12 x 10 x 21)

7 BE


2.318 x 2.730 x 2.860


4 (16 x 10 x 21)

10 BE


2,318 x 2,730 x 2,860

Technical data subject to change without notice

Vacudes PL

Battle against multi-resistant germs

The risk of epidemics and disease transmission by multi-resistant germs and parasites is an increasing threat particularly in health care facilities. Safe infection prevention is indispensable for any goods that are in direct contact with humans. Only automated steam disinfection is effective and reliable and the most reliable method for preventing the emergence of multi-resistant germs. The Vacudes® PL is a medical device in accordance with the MDR (Medical Devices Regulation EU 2017/745) and therefore bears the CE marking.

Vacudes PL


  • Integrated electric steam generator
  • Superior processing quality
  • Stainless steel pipe system
  • External cooling circuit
  • Complies with DIN 58949
  • Superior processing quality
  • Ceramic-blasted chamber walls and stainless steel piping system
  • Available machine sizes: 1,500, 2,000 and 3,000
  • Installation in pit possible
  • Standard programs covering the effective range AB, AB + HEPA, ABC according to DIN 58949-1
  • SP industrial controller with 10.2-inch color touchscreen
  • Software certified to DIN EN 62304
  • Low-noise two-stage vacuum pump
  • Certified disinfection chamber with safety feature
  • Electric door drive
  • Compressed air operated door seal
  • Interface to the documentation system (EcoSoft)
  • Unotherm II electric steam generator positioned on or next to the chamber
  • 9kW add-on for Unotherm II steam generator
  • Unotherm external autostart program for automatic on and off switching
  • External cooling circuit
  • Optional feature for disinfection of hospital waste
  • Automatic blow-down of the steam generator depending on the conductivity
  • Base and tub
  • Barcode reading system (with or without cable)
  • Integrated printer
  • DIN A4 cycle report printer
  • Remote maintenance system
  • Control room for centralized monitoring of one or more machines
  • ISA – Intelligent Service Advisor

The Vacudes® PL operates according to the pulsed vacuum method with repeated evacuation of the disinfection chamber for AB and ABC areas.

Field of action A:
Killing of vegetative cells such as bacteria, mycobacteria and fungi. Spores of pathogenic fungi are also killed.

Field of action B:
Killing of viruses (includes killing of bacteria, i.e., field of action A)

Field of action C:
Killing of anthrax spores (includes fields of action A and B)


  • Bed linen
  • Mattresses
  • Laundry


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