Project North Estonia Medical Center in Tallinn (Estonia)

In 2018, the managers of North Estonia Medical Center began to think about modernizing their central sterilization system. The hospital asked Semetron for an offer. Semetron, a long-standing representative of BMT in Estonia, approached MMM in consultation with BMT for assistance in the planning phase of this project.

In November 2019, the invitation to tender was finally sent out. Under high time pressure, a bid now had to be submitted that included the following devices:

  • 7 x Uniclean PL II 15-2 EL 380-400V/50Hz including automatic transport
  • 1 x Uniclean PL II 15-2 EL with rack hatch
  • 2 x Uniclean ML 2220-2 EL
  • 2 x Selectomat PL 9618-2H L including steam generator
  • 3 x Selectomat PL 969-2H including steam generator
  • 1 x Loading trolley 1290 for rack hatch
  • 1 x STERRAD 100NX plasma sterilizer
  • 1 x Dr. Weigert central dosing system
  • RUMED360® software

Since MMM Group is no stranger to the phrase “We request a short-term offer”, Semetron got the support it needed on time. MMM’s proposed solution convinced the customer and the order was placed in March 2020.

The tight schedule called for commissioning by the beginning of September 2020. Based on previous experience with major projects, this seemed almost impossible! By mid-March 2020, the Corona restrictions had led to a completely changed situation. Initial video conferences were therefore held to answer Semetron’s various questions about site clarification and the pre-construction drawing.

Gruppenfoto North Estonia Medical Centre

The conferences continued at regular intervals and stretched into May. Much remained unresolved despite the numerous, time-consuming conferences. The overdue release of the construction preparation drawing to ensure the delivery or installation date was postponed week after week.

At some point we came to the conclusion that, despite the lockdown, we had to go there and clarify the open points on site – otherwise it would be a mess. That was at the end of May 2020, so the first site visit took place on Thursday, June 25, 2020 – one day after the Midsummer Festival and two days after Victory Day in Estonia. Two holidays that are associated with an extended weekend for most Estonians.

Especially at the pit to the Uniclean ML we diagnosed a communication problem. A structural change was unavoidable here. It was good that we flew there and were able to arrange the necessary structural revision. If the pit had remained as it was, we would have been faced with major problems at the time the edging frames were installed. All in all, the visit had the desired success. We were able to clarify important issues and give the production the green light.

Uniclean ML North Estonia Medical Centre

The next critical phase was the coordination of the delivery of the various components. With our MMM trucks it was possible by means of a three times “just in time” delivery (distance approx. 2,000 km one way!) to contribute significantly to ensuring a continuous installation of the equipment in Tallinn.

Baustelle North Estonia

Since the originally planned training of Semetron technicians in Germany was canceled due to the Corona restrictions, it was now time to get down to business. Without further ado, four MMM assemblers were sent to Estonia. Together with six technicians from Semetron, they started the installation on July 20, 2020.

In the end, we got all the problems under control and nothing stood in the way of commissioning with subsequent validation at the end of August/beginning of September 2020. Problems arose during subsequent operation, but they were quickly solved. In particular, the “Technical Support” for export projects introduced last year proved its worth in this project.

inbetriebnahme North Estonia Medical Centre

Then, at the end of December 2020, there was a final videoconference to take stock and note that all problems had been resolved. The North Estonia Medical Center was impressed with the cooperation of Semetron and MMM as well as the timely completion and expressed great satisfaction with the installation.

This project is another example of a successful joint effort and the efficiency of the MMM Group and its partners. At all times, all employees involved worked to make the project a success. Everyone worked on solutions for the numerous challenges that arose during the course of the project. True to our motto “Together we are strong”.

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