Quality as a factor of success

The competitive component of quality is becoming increasingly important alongside the factors of cost and time. The change from a seller’s to a buyer’s market, which can be observed in the majority of economic sectors, have contributed to this, as has globalization.

In order for a company to be economically viable on the international market, high product quality, a high degree of flexibility in reacting to customer wishes and above-average customer service are prerequisites for survival on the global market, in addition to adherence to delivery dates.

At MMM Group, a workshop was set up to contribute to continuous quality improvement, adherence to delivery dates and flexibility. The group of experts consists of the department heads: engineering, production control, warehouse logistics and all foremen. The lively exchange among the various department heads has already led to the implementation of some quality-improving measures.

Unternehmenspolitik Qualität

In this context, quality improvement does not only mean product quality, but also improvements in internal processes. After all, improvements in this area ultimately lead to higher product quality and better customer satisfaction.

Here is a small excerpt:

  • Prefabrication – sheet metal production: Material supply areas have been optimized.
  • Equipment production: More precise coordination of deadlines with final inspection and dispatch.
  • Warehouse – goods receiving: Labeling and storage of BMT pressure containers was optimized
  • Electrical department: Material delivery by the warehouse takes place in plastic containers, thus protecting the components
  • Machining: Staff training in quality awareness. Purchase of new transport containers.
  • Thick sheet metal: Order papers and documentation run with each pressure container and are color-coded.
  • Mechanical engineering: Assembly production is expanded.
  • All departments: Prompt order picking, better communication between upstream and downstream departments, continuous processing of stock parts, avoidance of repeat errors.

In the long run, our company can only survive in the global market if quality and customer satisfaction are in the foreground.

Christian Killermann, Production Supervisor

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