MMM Group –Your system partner with a broad core competence:
Innovative Cleaning and Disinfection Systems for the CSSD

In a well-functioning central sterilization facility, cleaning and disinfection is the pivotal element for timely provisioning and delivery of sufficient supply of sterile instruments to the operating rooms. In a very short period of time, large quantities of medical products must be reliably cleaned, disinfected
and moved to the clean side of the CSSD in order to be prepared for sterilization. It is necessary to take into account requirements for hygiene as well as efficiency and quality. Reliable preparation of sterile goods, as a decisive factor for the economic success of operating facilities, is to be understood as a complex overall concept that is more than the sum of its individual processes.

For more than 60 years, MMM Group has been a successful partner for the reliable and efficient provision of sterile medical products. MMM is your contact for the planning, establishment and technical support for all machines and processes in the CSSD. MMM is more than just a manufacturer – we realize comprehensive solutions with a holistic approach.

After MMM gained extensive experience in the field of manufacturing products for infection control, MMM positioned itself as an important role model and key leader in the German and international market latest with the development and production of cleaning and disinfection equipment.

With Uniclean PL II, a one-chamber washer-disinfector and Uniclean ML, a cart cleaning and disinfection system, MMM combines decades of technical know-how with well thought-out and practice proven concepts and top quality “Made in Germany”.

MMM Group washer disinfector portfolio


MMM washer-disinfectors are characterized by their sophisticated ergonomics. The EasyMove system allows racks and carts to be moved with little effort. CoolTouch silicon grips prevent burns from hot racks. Already during the design phase the service-friendliness of the unit was considered. All machines are equipped with a forward extensible maintenance pullout which allows service technicians an easy access to all important components. Heavy components such as pumps and blowers are mounted on sliding systems for installation and removal that do not cause back strain.

The MMM controller software with its sophisticated parameter structure enables a high degree of flexibility in the configuration of the machine – up to 50 programs can be configured at the same time. By using the flexible parameterization a wide range of setting options can be configured in order to make adjustments to future requirements – and all of this without changing the software. In this way all settings extensively documented during commissioning remain effective. Highest efficiency is guaranteed through the integrated
A0 value calculator. It controls the thermal disinfection and documents the disinfection level actually achieved. At the same time, the cycle times are shortened and the energy consumption is reduced. In addition a process parameter verification system documents the most important parameters with control-independent sensors and triggers an alarm in case of deviations.

The MMM Smart HMI (Human Machine Interface) with its clearly structured, intuitive menu navigation considers the needs of the operating personnel at all time. Beside a three-colour chamber lighting which indicates the current operational state, the MMM cleaning and disinfection machines are characterized by an AuditTrail which allows all user actions to be documented as well as a barcode reading system which ensures maximum process reliability through an automatic program selection depending on the rack. In conjunction with a documentation system such as EcoSoft, all process steps are automatically documented in accordance with the items to be cleaned.

MMM machines are continuously developed and updated – with the user always in mind.


We consider ourselves as a full service supplier:
Beside the complete range of machine equipment for CSSDs, our product range covers also the needs-based calculation of necessary devices, the validation of all processes, an individually customized process documentation system as well as an extensive customer service, the customer gets everything from a single source.