Michael Koller, president and sole shareholder of MMM, celebrates his 70th birthday. Michael Koller looks back in a joyful and satisfied manner: born in Munich/Germany on November 7, 1950, Sunday mornings had a fixed schedule for him as a young boy. "After visiting church, we went to my father's business in Munich's street called Implerstraße," remembers Michael Koller in an interview with the media of the Bavarian Upper Palatinate. Johann Koller, born in the Bavarian town of Stadler, founded the Münchener Medizin Mechanik (MMM) in 1954 with other partners. Just ten years later, the young company was so successful that it expanded by building a plant in Stadler.

In 1992 Michael Koller took over the role of managing partner for sales from his father. Today, Michael Koller is the sole shareholder of MMM Ltd and supports the operative business in an advisory function. It is thanks to him that MMM, including the production facility in Stadlern, exists in its current form and provides jobs for close to 300 people at its site in the Upper Palatinate region only. The MMM Group employs over 1200 people worldwide.

The MMM family wishes you all the best, good health and great joy and success in your projects.

For further information, please refer to the article by Onetz newspaper here.