From October 4 to 7, 2017, the annual WFHSS Congress (World Congress on Sterile Supply in the Hospital) took place in Bonn. The opening ceremony, moderated by Anke Carter, took place in the venerable  rooms of the former plenary hall of the Bundestag. Hundreds of guests enjoyed this very special atmosphere. The MMM Group was presented in this context, with an impressive short speech by Benedikt Koller.

Here are some facts about the event:

  • Participating Nations: 77
  • Number of participants: 1932
  • Number of exhibitors: 102
  • Greatest delegations: Germany 462, Netherlands 78, China 72, Brazil 65, Switzerland 47

Being plantinum sponsor, this "home game" was an ideal opportunity to present MMM Group at our best. We had the most prominent presence on this event and were able to inspire the participants in many ways through our performance and our professionalism.

Here is an excerpt of our activities:

  • The latest WDs and 3D animations were presented on our booth:
  • the Uniclean PL II 30 with the automatic shuttle function
  • the Uniclean PL II 10
  • 3D animations of concept 15.30 and mobile CSSD

Definitely the greatest highlight was our mobile CSSD with 2 modules, which we had placed on the forecourt of the former Bundestag. The visitors were highly impressed by the high-quality execution, the MMM products and the spatial conditions of this temporary CSSD.

MMM was also active in the lecture halls. Presentations on the following topics revealed our professional competence:

  • Robert Eibl: 5th Edition of the Guideline „Validation of Automated Cleaning and Disinfection Processes”
  • Anke Carter: Validation of manual cleaning and chemical disinfection processes
  • Matias Pilasi (MMM trading partner Chile): Impact of air removal in steam penetration: a case study (SteamSpy)
  • Hans-Jörg Drouin: Mobile CSSD solutions by MMM Group – Plug & Play holistic systems for temporary installations during the renovation phase of an existing CSSD
  • Andreas Schneider: concept 15.30 – new intelligent and space-saving washer disinfector solutions for the CSSD