AEMP Ergänzungsprodukte

For an optimized workflow and best possible workplace ergonomics. Cleaning table systems, packing tables and workbenches, central dosing systems

As a complete solutions provider for RUMEDs, we are committed to including in our portfolio of products not only our core products – washer-disinfectors and steam sterilizers – but also useful supplementary products in our overall offering. To meet the demands of the everyday processes in a RUMED, it is necessary to have solutions that are optimally tailored to one another and which excel in their functionality, quality, and ergonomics. MMM has carefully selected these products to ensure they contribute to workflow optimization and enjoyment in the workplace – in all areas of a RUMED.

AEMP Ergänzungsprodukte

Cleaning table systems

Complex surgical instruments often need to be manually pre-cleaned before cleaning in a WD. MMM offers a number of scalable cleaning table system solutions that are customizable and have been designed for all kinds of installation situations. Solutions from simple standard cleaning tables right through to fully equipped table systems with closed table supports make this possible. The modularity and high-quality finish of the surfaces, cabinets and drawers combined with a high level of ergonomics ensure they are a pleasure to work with.

Packtische und Arbeitstische

Packing tables and workbenches

The packaging area of a RUMED is a complex workplace that places high demands on employees. To make the already physically demanding work easier, MMM has developed the height adjustable ERGOTISCH packing table that satisfies all requirements on ergonomics, hygiene and modularity. The working height can be adjusted to the required level between 800 mm and 1050 mm at the push of a button, thereby relieving the back when working in a seated or standing position. Thanks to the ergonomic round cutout on the front side of the table top, high mounted racks and shelves are easy and unproblematic to reach.

Zentrale Dosieranlagen

Central dosing systems

Central dosing systems for washer-disinfectors are custom designed – on request – for the specific project. The dosing systems supply multiple washer-disinfectors at a time. These systems can be installed independent of the location of the machines. Using large containers not only makes the application more economical, but is also particularly user-friendly in terms of occupational safety – dosing occurs in a closed system! Efficient, reliable and extremely low maintenance.


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