Closed transport trolley Euro Clean Car (ECC)

Closed transport trolley for supplying and removing sterile goods. Trolley, three-door, double doors at front for loading MMM loading trolleys, double door at side, e.g., for removing individual items. Clear internal dimensions tailored to the module dimensions of the sterilization chamber StU as per DIN EN 868-8. Trolley equipped with MMM chamber transport rails. This guarantees a continuous sterile good transport system between the location of use and the sterilizer.

Trolley with chassis, closed cupboard construction and recessed guide handle. Chassis with four castors, two with full locks and two with directional locks. Cupboard construction, roof and side parts as well as back panel and trolley base including inserts made from CrNi steel. Double-walled doors with handles and locking shackle, 270° door opening angle.

ECC Euro Clean Car
ECC Euro Clean Car

Technical data

Compatible with
Outer dimensions in mm (H x W x D)
Castors/feet Features
Castors/feet Ø mm

Closed transport trolley ECC 666

Selectomat PL/PL-CL

BW 666 Spezial/Universal

1.486 x 796,5 x 938



Closed transport trolley ECC 669

Selectomat PL/PL-CL

BW 669 Spezial/Universal

1,486 x 796.5 x 1,238



Closed transport trolley ECC 966

Selectomat PL

BW 966 ECC/Universal

1,486 x 796.5 x 938



Closed transport trolley ECC 969

Selectomat PL

BW 969 ECC/Universal

1,486 x 796.5 x 1,230



Technical data subject to change without notice

ECC (Euro Clean Car)

Diverse highlights

  • Compatible with the MMM loading trolleys for steam sterilizers
  • Loading from both sides: broad side and front side
  • Compatible with the MMM unloading ramps for H steam sterilizers, direct docking possible
  • Ergonomic handling of the goods reduces lifting processes
  • Simple loading and unloading from the broad side and the front side
  • Easy to clean in a container washing system (Uniclean® ML)


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