Storage and drying cabinet for up to 8 flexible endoscopes EDScab® 8H

Developed for the internal and external drying of flexible endoscopes, designed according to DIN EN16442:2015. The primary purpose of the machine is to store, with additional drying function, the reusable thermolabile endoscopes (bronchoscope, duodenoscope, fibroscope, gastroscope, colonoscope, cystoscope) that are typically used in medical facilities.
EDScab 8H
EDScab 8H
EDScab 8H
EDScab 8H
EDScab 8H

Technical data

Endoscope capacity
Usable chamber dimensions in mm (H x W x D)
Effective chamber capacity
Usable machine dimensions in mm (H x W x D)


1509 x 456 x 546

390 liters

1.900 x 600 x 568*

Technical data subject to change without notice

*excluding handle


  • Capacity for 8 flexible endoscopes
  • 5-color LED level illumination with status colors
  • MMM Smart HMI with 10″ touchscreen
  • Insert shelves and adapter sets compatible with Uniclean® PLE 3


On both the loading and unloading sides, there is an RFID reader that is clearly identified by an RFID symbol. This allows a user-friendly login and logoff of the user as well as registration of the endoscope to be reprocessed. The RFID card can be read when the door is closed.

Endo coupler

The endoscopes are connected using the same adapter sets as in the Uniclean® PLE 3. This enables the compressed air to flow through them and ensures safe and simple handling.
  • Available in single- or double-door version
  • Chamber material 316L / 1.4404
  • Class 2B chamber surface finish (smooth, matte)
  • Doors with safety glass (with lock for double-door version)
  • Pull-out liners for insert shelves
  • RFID-based endoscope and user identification


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