RUMED360® Endo Admin software packages

RUMED360® Endo Admin is a modularly designed application for digital administration of the “endo system”, which comprises the Uniclean® PLE 3 and EDScab® 8H. The tool is used for monitoring, evaluating and analyzing the endo system, and for administering the endoscopes, adapters and users. Complete documentation can also be produced, visualized and printed via this tool.

Module packages

Module 1 Endo Admin base package

  • User and endoscope administration incl. channel parameters
  • Process documentation
  • Visualization of the cycle data
  • Dashboard
  • Documentation of the chemicals used
  • Emergency plan in case of network outage

Module 2 Service package

  • ISA (Intelligent Service Advisor)
  • Remote maintenance via VNC (Virtual Network Computing)
  • Analysis tool for MMM customer service

Module 3 Automatic data synchronization

  • Synchronization of endoscope and user data with all connected machines (Uniclean® PLE 3 washer-disinfector and EDScab® 8H storage and drying cabinet)
  • Synchronization across locations also possible

Module 4 Statistics

  • Utilization of the machines
  • Utilization of the endoscopes
  • Successful and defective machine cycles
  • Successful and defective reprocessings per endoscope
  • Top 10 (or more) most frequent errors per machine or overall
  • and lots more


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